Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here we go with this blog thing... goes with this blog thing! 

For starters, an introduction/disclaimer: I've never been a writer. I never particulary enjoyed the subject in school, and every journal I've ever tried to keep has always ended up abandoned in a relatively short period of time. But I think there's one good reason that this blogging thing might succeed...because HORSES. 

Yes, horses. Horses are my passion. And as much as I've never really liked writing, I've never really liked the word 'passion' either. I think it's overused and for me it conjures images of doey-eyed people lost in an unrealistic wanderlust. Alas, I don't know what else besides passion would drive me to spend the majority of my free time and money or occupy a large portion of my thoughts on a daily basis. 

So here I am writing about horses as I sit on the train home from work when I should really be studying or doing something more "productive."

I have a few goals/ reasons for starting this blog:

  1. Use it to share/ track my progress as I [hopefully] begin my baby-level eventing career with my horse, Maggie.
  2. Develop my mad writing skillz (not off to the best start here, but oh well, I'm having fun.) As much as I have despised writing in the past and perhaps even held some disdain for blogging, it's actually something that I'd like to improve at.
  3. Chronicle a bit of what it's like trying to balance training a horse with a career, a commute, and a family. Spoiler alert: it's not easy, but so worth it.
  4. Perhaps connect with some other adult amateur riders out there trying to balance similar things as myself. Let's learn from each other!

So, read on if for whatever reason you're interested in what I have to say. Or maybe you'll just like looking at all the pretty pictures I hope to post. That's cool too. 


  1. I think you're off to a fab start:) I started blogging shortly before I got my first horse in '10 and had about zero expectations that I would keep up with it...4 and half years later, and I'm couldn't be more thankful that I did write that first post!:)


    1. Thanks! Nice to hear a success story :)