Thursday, August 28, 2014

Early Mornings and SMZs

I got to take Maggie home from the hospital on Monday! I thought I was doing pretty well for myself while she was up there, but after bringing her home I just feel relieved in a way. I know she got excellent care while she was at Myhre, but it's just nice to have her close by again.

Reunited with her boyfriend, Rio
The stent actually hadn't come out yet - one of the vet techs instructed me on how to do it myself so that I could take it out on Wednesday. The real bummer is that she actually has to stay on stall rest for the next two weeks until her sutures can be taken out. It would be quite a bad thing if she were to roll and pop the stitches and get the area all dirtied up. The bright side though, is at least it's two instead of three weeks until they can come out.

For the two weeks that the sutures are in she needs SMZs twice a day, so I've been swinging by the barn both before and after work. Having to go to the barn before work means getting up at 5 am every day (actually only a half hour before my normal wake up time at 5:30). If I speed through my morning routine and pack my lunch the night before then I have enough time to dose her, pick out the stall, and take her for a quick hand walk down the driveway just to get her out of the stall. As much as I hate getting up any earlier than I have to, going to the barn is actually quite a nice start to the morning. It reminds me of when I was I'm school and had to go do chores before classes (which now that I read that sentence back, doesn't sound like a good thing, but it actually was!)

Early morning hand walk and grazing.
So yesterday being Wednesday I went ahead and took the stent off and here is what it looked like: 

My horse has a wrinkly neck.
7 stitches total. I was a little concerned about those bloody-looking spots at first, but they already look better today having been exposed to the air:

Seriously, look at those wrinkles!
Not too shabby! It'll be a long two weeks, but she's being a very good girl so far.