Friday, August 15, 2014

The Lump: Part 3

The results of Maggie's cell aspirate came back. We did indeed hit the thyroid and got some cells, so that's good. I'm afraid the results haven't given us much direction though. The good news is that the cells don't looks cancerous. However, they don't look completely normal either. The report says that the findings are consistent with thyroid adenoma but still recommends a biopsy for a definitive diagnosis.

If just the lump where the only thing going on here and the cells looked benign, then that would be fine and we could be more or less done with the issue for now (of course I'd keep an eye on it.) The really mysterious thing though, is the elevated thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid adenomas typically don't have any effect on the horse - the hormone levels usually stay in the normal range or, if anything, are lower than normal. So what's up with the hyperthyroidism? That's what we'd all like to know...

So after talking to my vet on the phone, we came up with some semblance of a plan. He's been in communication with the internal medicine specialist at Myhre Equine in Rochester, NH and I've decided to trailer her up there for a nuclear scintigraphy scan on Monday. My poor pony will have to stay up there in isolation for a little while from the radioactive iodine, but what the scan will show is which lobe of he thyroid is more active and therefore which one is causing the high hormone levels. Since adenomas don't usually cause hyperthyroidism, it could actually be the other normal-looking lobe that's acting up. Strange, huh? So after the scan, they'll likely biopsy the problem lobe to get a better look at the cells. And then....I don't know what! We'll just have to go from there....

That moment when the only thing you have in your car to take notes on is a Dover catalog with an awkward model.

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