Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Work

Sometimes there are projects you can put off no longer. That was the case the other weekend as Billy, the goat, that lives with my mini, Zipper, both housed at my parent's place, has been continuing to do an excellent job destroying the stall that they share and it because it was high time that it was fixed for good.

A little history: my parents property was never meant to be home to any sort of livestock, but that didn't stop a very determined and stubborn then 13-year-old girl (me, duh) from building a stall in the back of the detached garage to put a mini horse in. Zipper has been quietly living there for over 10 years now and Billy (aka Destructo-Goat), has been there almost 3 years now. For whatever reason, Destructo-Goat had decided that he's been unhappy with the living arrangements recently and has been wreaking havoc on the stall. The stall, which was made by a 13-year-old girl, was never extremely sturdy though for Zipper it always held up fine. But not being a solid wall, and partially made of an old shelf, Billy was able to take it upon himself to do some redecorating and rearrange the furniture.

Thus the weekend was mainly spent building a proper stall for them - complete with a solid wall! I was very fortunate to have my husband's assistance (ok, so he was really the mastermind behind all of this) who is much more well-versed at "goat-proofing" than I am.

I now bring you the photo documentary of the project:

Before: Outside of the stall
Goat was headbutting the shelf away from the pre-existing partial wall.
Before: Inside of the stall
Before: Inside of the stall
So after assessing the situation we made a quick trip to Home Depot...

And then the demolition began!

After taking the shelf out
The shelf. aka the pretend wall
Husband was the mastermind behind the plan. Step one was to build a frame.

And nail the bottom 2x4 into the concrete...

I'm pretty sure the nailing was his favorite part. We had to buy serious nail gun to get the job done. He likes things that go bang.

"Take a picture of me with the badass nail gun!"
Billy tries to assist
Then up went the boards for the walls. We chose to use 4x8 boards instead of plywood because they would be much stronger and will hold up to the wrath of Destructo-Goat a lot better.

Honestly though, I didn't JUST stand around and take pictures the whole time. I cut a lot of the boards. And I also cleaned the stall and swept...

Finished wall from the inside
Once the wall was finished, we had to build a new gate since the old one now wasn't the right size and, let's face it, it was pretty flimsy anyway.

Gate frame goes in
Customizing the existing hinges to fit the new gate - so handy!
New hinges

I was also the bringer of sustinence
Finished gate with plywood in place
Just building the gate is what actually took that longest. I think we were done with the wall by 3 pm or so, then the gate took us until about 7:30 or 8. It was just getting dark as we finished up.

Happy animals in their new digs. I had to take this pic the following morning because it was too dark by the time we finished that day
Of course this wasn't exactly how my husband or I would have chosen to spend a Saturday (for my part, I didn't get to ride that day!), but we both enjoy building things and doing projects and it was nice to spend the whole day together working on it. All in all, a good day well spent!

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