Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many...Jump Standards?

That's how the saying goes, right? I'm pretty sure.

Last weekend a friend of mine was perusing one of the many horses/ tack/ various things (all of which I want) for sale Facebook groups and called the following ad to my attention:

All the jumps that are currently in our barn's little ring are either ones I made myself or ones that were left over from some previous boarder and are now in a slightly decrepit, but still mostly functional, state. So I figured what the heck, and I messaged the girl selling these standards. She got back to me saying someone had already claimed them though, so oh well, I tried. No loss.

Monday morning though she messaged me again and said that the sale fell through and wanted to know if I was still interested. Sure I was, so off Dan and I went after work to pick them up. I offered $40. Sold! We stuffed them in the back of my truck and off we went. Bonus: we were close by to one of our favorite restaurants so then off we went for a nice date. I may have promised him that we would stay in that night since we had a busy weekend, but I think a nice dinner out was a good consolation :)

I unloaded them the next day after work and yeah, they could use a wash and another coat of paint, but I think I got a darn good deal! For the amount of money I would have spent on that many jump cups, 4x4s, and landscape timbers (not to mention the time I would spend building) what I got is pretty stinking good! I'm psyched to put them to use later this week!

Not too shabby! Ok, maybe a little shabby...
So, I want to hear: have you ever bought any horse things off Facebook? What was your best find?