Monday, September 29, 2014

A Wasted Weekend

No, I wasn't wasted all weekend...though I would have preferred spending the weekend that way than to having this stupid head cold.

About halfway through the work day on Friday I started feeling a little funky and thinking 'uh-oh...' So I stopped at CVS on the way home to grab some Cold-Eeze (which I swear by). I wasn't feeling too bad by the time I got to the barn on Friday so I decided to ride. I probably wouldn't have pushed it and ridden if I hadn't given Maggie Thursday off, which I did out of pure laziness (and a little fatigue from giving blood earlier in the least that's the excuse I'm using.) 

I wasn't planning on riding her that intensely either, but the jumps in the ring were just so enticing that I ended up popping her over a couple of them including a 2'6" vertical which is the largest I've done with her in a while. She was really good, and dare I say I actually did pretty good myself too!  I felt like I saw the distances (even if they weren't good distances), didn't jump ahead too badly, and did decent releases without any chicken arms. One of my friends that I was riding with even snapped a few pics:

Lower leg slipping back, need more weight in my heel here methinks.
We were starting to lose the daylight hence the motion blur, but you get the impression.

So Saturday I was basically dead to the world and didn't make it to the barn. My friends and fellow boarders at our little co-op barn were nice enough to take care of Maggie for me so I didn't have to come by. I'm sure Maggie reveled in her unexpected day off.

Sunday I felt a bit better but still crappy. I was supposed to volunteer as a fence judge for the Groton House Fall Classic, but I ended up backing out that morning. I felt really bad about it; I had been looking forward to it too, but I think it was a good decision on my part. It was 86 degrees on Sunday and I would have been pretty miserable sitting in the heat for 4 or 5 hours. I had to pry myself out of the house anyway as it was to go take care of the mini and goat at my parent's house plus take care of Maggie. If I had been feeling better I'm sure I would have thought it was a glorious weekend, but the heat on Sunday was really killing me as I was doing chores. Thermoregulation isn't usually anyone's friend when one is sick. I considered lunging Maggie, but she wasn't looking too thrilled about the heat either, plus a couple other boarders were heading out to the ring as I was getting there and I didn't want to cramp their style.

So that's how I spent what was probably the last real summery weekend :( and how Maggie got the whole weekend off. I'm sure she's not complaining, but heck, I am. I hate feeling unproductive and like I wasted a beautiful weekend.

Today my head still feels funny and I had a really hard time focusing at work. I still didn't feel like riding or spinning around in circles at the end of a lunge line was a great idea for me, so I free lunged Maggie. I can't let her get away with 3 days off in a row after all. I will not at all be a happy camper if my head still feels like its spinning tomorrow.


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    1. Thank you! I do now fortunately :) Back to riding!!