Saturday, September 6, 2014


I was practically bouncing up and down in my seat on the train on the way home from work yesterday; all day I had been looking forward taking Maggie's stitches out and turning her out.

So after a quick stop at the local feed/tack store to pick up some bell boots to keep her from doing THIS:
Way to go overreaching. Good thing she's barefoot.
I sped to the barn, suture scissors and forceps in hand (just kidding - never run with scissors kids.)

I took the stitches out myself, like so:

And then turned her out in the arena expecting much frolicking and huge bucks of joy.

The Maggie Memoirs: FREEDOM!!! - The stitches come out and Maggie gets turned out again.
Ok, I didn't really expect her to turn into a Friesian. But a little rejoicing on her part would have been very fulfilling.

Well, I had to make her run around at least a little, if only for dramatic effect:

I then brought her back to her stall and let her out into her run out paddock where she proceeded to explore it as if she'd never been there before. Double goon.

This morning, after getting my tuck's state inspection sticker (only 6 days after it expired...I mean, what?) I went to the barn to lunge her. We did about 20 minutes of mostly trotting with plenty of walk breaks. It's crazy hot and humid out today (because now that it's September it's finally starting to feel like summer...yeah...) and she was a trooper. She was quite slow, but very well behaved and willing. I hope to actually get on her tomorrow!

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