Thursday, October 30, 2014

MSPCA Beach Ride Recap

Photo by Holly Jacobson, Massachusetts Horse []
The MSPCA Horses Helping Horses Beach Ride was this past Sunday and  though I have attended before in previous years, this was Maggie's first time at the event. Being an MSPCA alumni and all, I was really proud to bring her and show her off as an adoption success story!

Sideways beach ears.
Maggie has been to the beach before, though not this specific beach. Frankly, Salisbury Beach isn't my favorite to ride at (Crane Beach in Ipswich is my favorite, though it's more expensive to ride at) because the sand is so deep it's a lot of work for the horses to walk through.

"Mom, what's are we DOING here?"
The other different thing about this event compared to other times Maggie has been to the beach is the sheer number of horses that are there. This year there were over 160 horses and riders - that's a lot of horses in one space!

Photo by Newburyport Dog Walker []
Maggie and her barnmate/my friend's horse, Rio, we're both absolute champs. I'm not sure how far we made it down the shoreline before we decided to turn around, but I'd say it had to be at least 2 miles. We did some trots and a canter, let them splash in the water, and even walked underneath a very scary pier with minimal hesitation.

So spooky! Photo by my friend, S.
We rode for probably about an hour and a half to two hours and then walked them back to the trailer, stripped their tack, and then took them back out on the sand for some more photo ops.

New FB profile pic, obviously. Photo by my friend, S.

I also wanted to see if Maggie would roll in the sand or in the water, but she surprisingly did not.

The best part of these MSPCA events are seeing the staff and being able to actually show them how far Maggie has come. The farm manager was even there this past weekend, and he hadn't seen Maggie since before she I began fostering her - about 3 years ago I think!

We then got Maggie and Rio settled in the trailers and went over to the pavilion where lunch was being served. The past MSPCA benefits that I have been to have all been catered by a local restaurant called Borelli's which has THE MOST AMAZING WHITE LASAGNA EVER. Seriously, it's that good. So good that it is deserving of all caps. 

(Sidenote: I am happy to report that loading went MUCH better than it did last weekend...I trailered a friend's horse to a show on Saturday and did some loading practice with Maggie while I had the trailer hitched anyway)

I managed to raise $365 thanks to family, friends, and coworkers! And since I raised over $100 I got a lovely t-shirt :) I also bought $4 worth of raffle tickets (because that's what I had in my wallet at the time) and I ended up winning a cool photo of some artsy horseshoes on canvas. I have to go claim it this weekend - I'll post a pic when I get it in the house!

So thanks to all those who made the event a huge success! I believe the grand total amount raised was just under $20,000!


  1. What a good girl to walk under that pier. I don't think I could have gotten Connor in there with the shadows the way they are.

    1. She was so good :) Took a little encouragement, but then she was like, "Okaaay...If you're sure about this..."