Wednesday, November 26, 2014

No Riding November...?

Well, so much for No Stirrup November...I think I got about four rides in before the ground froze and the month turned into "No Ride November." So needless to say, things haven't been super exciting lately. Maggie is getting yet another 'vacation.' 'Tis the season I guess.

I'll be renting the use of the indoor arena at the barn next door beginning December 1st though, so I can get back to riding at least a couple times a week over the winter. I toughed it out in the darkness as long as I could, but once the ground gets frozen then there's nothing really to be done. I have been keeping myself busy though - I joined a gym just down the road from the barn and have started running and doing some core and arm work again. So even though I haven't been working Maggie, I am working myself! One of my goals for the winter is to be getting myself back in better shape. Not that I'm terribly out of shape, but I've been more sedentary lately than I've ever been before and that's not cool with me.

This week I'm actually in Oklahoma with my in-laws for Thanksgiving and before I left town on Saturday, I had one thing to attend to: it's that dreaded time of the year where we have to set up the stock tank heaters for our horses.

Evil, evil ice chunks.
Maggie needed a new tank heater and I decided to go with one of these Rubbermaid ones that fit into the drain plug of the tub. Last year we had a few incidents where we found the heater unplugged, out of the tub, and occasionally halfway down the paddock. So I figured one with a less obvious cord with be good. Seems like it's working alright so far (or at least I haven't heard otherwise) but boy, was it annoying to install it without it leaking. 

New heater.

Supervising my work from the comfort of the stall.

Enjoying some pitchfork scratches.
That's pretty sad that that's the most excitement I have for you right now, isn't it? Installing a new stock tank heater.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. it's pretty awesome that the indoor is so accessible, even if it's an extra charge... there's something so demotivating about a frozen arena!!

    1. Yes, I'm really lucky to have it just next door! And that the owner of the farm is nice enough to rent it or as well!

  2. Happy thanksgiving! I love that she's getting scratched by the pitchfork. :)

  3. Just foudn your blog! Maggie is adorable. Love the pitchfork scratching!

    I too joined a gym and its been great in lieu of riding!

  4. Hi there and welcome!! I saw that you just joined the blogging from the barn fb group as well - I'm excited to start getting to know so many new blogs!