Monday, November 3, 2014

Quick Recap of the Past Week

I haven't worked Maggie a whole lot since our last show in Mid-October. I intentionally wanted to give her a little break until I got back from Puerto Rico, then when I got back the weather was crappy and rainy that whole week, so I didn't really get a chance to ride her until we went to the MSPCA beach ride. So she got close to two weeks off essentially! Lucky pony.

Last week I rode on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday I figured I'd take advantage of some nice bounces that were already set up in the ring so I threw on the Wintec and we jumped around for a little while. One of my friends at the barn hung out with me on the ground while I rode and convinced me to take Maggie over the pseudo-ditch we had set up. And by 'pseudo ditch' I mean that we put some ground poles on either side of a puddle that ALWAYS forms in this one spot in the ring. Hilarity ensued. I actually have video of a couple passes over the ditch that I wanted to string together before I posted, but for now you can enjoy this still, which [believe it or not] actually makes the jump look way better than it actually went.

Wednesday I had the vet come back out to pull blood for another thyroid panel. This is just a checkup to make sure her hormone levels have gone back to normal since her surgery. We'll have the results back sometime this week. After the vet left, I put the dressage saddle on for a short half hour or so ride and I just worked her pretty lightly and tried to get her to stretch out a little. She was good!

Friday I intended to do dressage again, but let's just say we would have benefited from some pre-ride lunging. I should have known by the way she was trying to walk everywhere while I was bridling her and while I was tightening her girth that she was going to be a crazy face. She was raring to go, so I spent the ride trying to get her to settle down without a lot of success, frankly. At one point she heard a car door slam and took the opportunity to crow-hop. Very exciting. I did finally get her into a mostly relaxed trot after a while and then ended the ride on that.

We were supposed to go to a hunter pace Sunday, but it was postponed because the weather was so bad (even though they said it would run rain or shine. I guess they didn't say rain, shine, or SNOW.)

View from Maggie's stall doorway.

" thanks."
My plan for this week is to ride at least Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday again in addition to Saturday and Sunday hopefully. It all depends on the weather though...

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