Sunday, December 14, 2014

8 Day Recap


Sunday: Went for a trail ride with my barn pals. Nothing too strenuous at all, but it was sure nice to get outside and I think Maggie was very happy to be joining both her boyfriends. She got left behind last week and was sad.

Matching Mustang forelegs.

Monday: No barn, just gym. Ain't gonna win any marathons any time soon, but I'm enjoying getting back into running a little.

Saw this hanging in the locker room with a pair of Ariat terrain paddock boots on the floor beneath it:

Tuesday: I completely failed at being productive in the slightest. It was raining ALL DAY, but since I now have access to the indoor I was still fully intending on riding...until I got off the train in the evening and realized exactly how hard it had been raining and how much water had accumulated. It was a veritable Nor'easter and I did not even want to brave the rain and mud to go next door.

I went to the barn and yeah...I skirted riding. But I did help with chores and mucked Maggie's stall. Then I went to my parents' house where Zipper and Billy live because it wanted to check on them and make sure that Billy was letting Zipper in the stall and not hogging it for himself. (Not that she doesn't like standing in the rain anyway, but still.)

Wednesday: No barn and no gym because my family went to a Colonial Tavern Night at the Harpoon Brewery in Boston. Yes, you read that correctly: Colonial Tavern Night. You see, my sister works for The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum as a cast member who leads tour and school groups in full colonial garb and in character. She has always been a theater person and she loves it. And I love that she loves it. Anyway, Harpoon created a limited edition edition beer infused with one of the types of tea that was historically dumped in the Boston Harbor. I'm a fan of darker beers, as was this one, and it was DELICIOUS. And throughout the evening there were games and singing and even a visit from the redcoats. Also, I line danced with Sam Adams. It was a little weird.

Thursday: Did my weekly chore night, picked out Maggie's feet, then went to the gym.

Friday: Rode Maggie, who greeted me with a tail full of shavings which I was too lazy to brush completely out because there was no one else in the indoor to judge me. I lunged her for somewhere around 10 minutes and rode for about 20. She was a little full of it on the lunge and got a few good squeals and bucks out, but was all settled down when I went to get on.

I decided to work mostly on leg yielding and straightness, doing the general spiral-in and spiral-out exercise. I don't practice that exercise enough for whatever reason, but I really ought to. I find that it really helps with straightness and getting her to work off the outside rein more. Does that make sense? (Or am I doing it wrong?) I feel like we have really improved with leg yielding this year, though we definitely still have a lot of work to do. She's much more responsive and does understand what I'm asking, but I still need to improve the timing of my aids.

Saturday: Did chores including paddock mucking and then went to the gym.

Sunday: Beach ride!!! All three of my fellow boarders came and we had a lovely day. Even got in a little trotting and cantering for funsies! Looks like Sundays are good trail ride/ beach days. Need to keep this pattern up because it's nice to be able to ride outside one day a week during the winter!

Photo by B.

Photo by E

Photo by me!
Congrats if you made it through this whole post, because it was basically a whole lot of blah. You win my endless admiration!


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    1. Winter has its perks...not many, but a few. Or maybe just that one...

  2. Those beach ride photos are gorgeous! Add me to the jealous list :)

    1. Thanks! We're super luck that it's so accessible to us!

  3. Love that second to last picture!

  4. tea infused beer??? very inneresting!!! and yea, totally jealous of your beach ride! sundays are supposed to be our trail ride day too... but it just hasn't been happening lately. must make it a priority!