Monday, December 1, 2014

Bring It On, December. Bring. It. On.

December 1st.

The beginning of December means several things to me:

  1. That I made it through November, which has always been my least favorite month (fall is over and the trees are bare, it's dark out when I get home from work, and even in the daytime its just always GRAY.
  2. That is it now permissible to begin thinking about Christmas and New Years.

With point #2 in mind, I have several different things to think about:

A.) Shall I dress up my animals in a ridiculous holiday get-up? (Answer: Yes, duh.) Though I tend not to go as all out as some. I prefer the minimalist approach and I'm a big fan of the reindeer antlers:

Zipper and Billy, Christmas 2012
Even if sometimes the horse is afraid of the harmless reindeer antlers, so you have to wear them yourself:

Previous MSPCA foster horse, "Shrimp", Christmas 2010
Many moons ago, I actually stuck a wreath around Zipper's neck and put a Santa hat on her for pictures. That pony is really a saint...I'll have to dig up those pics. Maggie has yet to don the antlers, but I don't think she'll escape it this year...

B.) SHOPPING!!! In addition to the normal familial gifts to get, I just received Tracy's email with the name of a fellow equestrian blogger that I'll be purchasing a gift for as a part of the Fly On Over Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange! I've never participated in something like this before, so I'm very excited!

I am also looking forward to the upcoming Holiday Blog Tour that Kristen from If The Saddle Fits is hosting. From me, you can look forward to a post highlighting equestrian gifts under $20 (great for secret santas or the gift exchange!) And thanks to the Blog Tour, you'll be able check out a bunch of other holiday themed posts from fellow equestrian bloggers.

C.) RIDING!!! It's been at least two weeks now (maybe two and a half...) now since I've been in the saddle on Maggie. Now that it's December I'm renting the indoor arena at the farm next door and I'm gonna work that pony starting tomorrow!

D.) Shall I do some sort of 'year-in-review' or 'goals for 2015 post'? (Answer: also yes. This is an easy quiz.) This was my first year blogging - and it hasn't even been a full year at that; I only started in July! But I think I've learned quite a lot and I have a few ideas for the direction I'd like the blog to go it. 

Throughout December I'll be reflecting on what I hope to achieve, both in the saddle and with this blog, in 2015. Hopefully when January 1st comes around, BOOM, I'll be ready with a New Years Resolution type post. That will be a big feat for me - coming up with a concrete list of goals. I'm a very goal-oriented person, though I've always sucked at writing them down and therefore making them real (because let's face it, real life is way scary.)

So, friends, have you been thinking about your holiday plans and goals for 2015? Any ideas to share?


  1. I'm excited for December too! So many fun things going on, from blogland to family!

  2. I love December... time for reflection and renewal!

  3. omg i love your animal pics!!! that's exciting about the indoor too - wish we had one so close to our farm too!! in any case, yes, december will definitely be a time for introspection, i think :)