Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How Not to Trot Raised Cavalletti

Well, I'm off of work this week and next and it is WONDERFUL. I've been at my job for over 4 years and I've never taken 2 weeks off in a row OR any time off over the holidays. I've got the vacation time to use so I figured, why not. My plans for this vacation include riding Maggie, going to the gym, cleaning the house, a short weekend in Maine after Christmas, and them more riding Maggie and going to the gym. Oh, and not getting up at 5:30 am everyday.

So to start this week off I worked on some fancy prancing with Maggie. I mentioned last week that I wanted to lunge her over cavalletti to watch her go, but on Monday I decided I'd just go ahead and ride her over it and film myself. So here is a set of 3 sturdy cavalletti on the ground:

I know cavalletti are supposed to help work their hind end and get them to lift their backs and step under themselves, etc. etc., but I always feel like they make her string out instead. And watching it back she does get strung out in the beginning but her carriage gets a little better towards the end.

My husband was watching this footage with me as I was editing it and I pointed out to him towards the end, "See, that one was better - her headset stayed in place."

To which he replied: "Oh good, so does that mean she can hear you better?"

Me: "..........."

He's an audio engineer and thinks he's very clever :P

So Maggie seemed to be going quite nicely through the low set, so next I turned each cavalletti on it's side to see how she did with something a little more difficult. In retrospect, perhaps this was a little too difficult at the moment. I think each pole was ~6 inches off the ground. Which, thinking about it now, is pretty substantial for a 14.0 hh pony...

I was a little nervous about her trying to jump all three of the poles at once. Fortunately she didn't so that, but she still got...creative... The 3rd and 4th passes through are my favorite. After the fourth one I could barely stop laughing and pull myself together.

Now I'll readily admit I don't watch each and every video that gets posted to blogs (depends on where I work, home, on the train...or if I'm on a desktop or my phone. I try to watch as many as possible though) But I thought parts of this video were just too good...So, Merry Christmas, I made you some GIFs:

Third time through

Fourth time through

My pony is a weirdo and I love her. Can't say she doesn't try!


  1. Great way to improve almost on the spot canter ;-) but eventually she did great ;<3

  2. Haha! You can see her going WTF?! At first lol!!

  3. hahahaha i'm dying watching these! i love her heart tho - she's definitely trying! merry christmas lol