Friday, December 5, 2014

In the Indoor

I hope you all are looking forward to some delightfully yellow/red-tinted photos for the next four to five months, because that's what happens with pics taken inside the indoor.

On December 1st I turned in a check to the farm next door to pay my dues for use of their indoor arena. The next evening I brought Maggie out for a nice lunging! I was expecting crazy wild pony, but actually she was quite well behaved. She must have gotten all the crazies out on Sunday, while she was racing up and down her muddy-as-hell paddock (there had been a couple inches of snow over Thanksgiving and it was all melting fast in the 50 degree weather on Sunday.)  

This pano makes the area look way bigger than it actually is. It's pretty much exactly 20m x 40m.
I didn't get the chance to take her out again until earlier this evening. I put the Wintec on because my stirrups are still off of my dressage saddle from November and I was too lazy to put them back on. I actually remembered to lunge my horse before I got on this time, and she got a couple nice bucks out, but again, nothing super crazy.

I got on and I am happy to report that Maggie was very good! I didn't ask for too much; we only rode for about 20 minutesish, but she picked up a very workman-like trot the whole time. And towards the end of the ride she even started looking for my outside rein a bit and getting a little more round. I don't why, but I'm still surprised that she doesn't forget absolutely everything after some time off. It really shouldn't surprise me - she a smart cookie and I've never met a horse that just forgot all it's training after not being ridden for a few weeks, but for whatever reason it still blows my mind when Maggie just picks right back up where we left off. Dare I say, I think she was even happy to be ridden again! 

She was happy...I swear.
I think my Winter schedule for exercising both Maggie and myself is going to be as following:

Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Riding and Gym (Husband is at band practice on Tuesday, so I got all evening)
Wednesday: Riding
Thursday: My chore night for our co-op barn and Gym
Friday: Riding
Saturday and Sunday: Wildcard days - try to ride and go to the gym at least once each over the weekend, but no pressure!

So I'll see how that works out (pun not intended...) throughout this month. The trick will be to keep up the riding once it gets crazy bitter cold out!


  1. awesome that she's so cool w the indoor! really wish we had an indoor next door too lol. sounds like a solid winter plan too :)

    1. I knew I feel very lucky to have the indoor as an option! Even if it is a tiny one :) last year when we started working inside in January she was way more energetic...I have a friend that still talks about how much she bucked that first time in there! Yikes

  2. I need to get into a solid winter plan, I keep moving dates around to try to work the weather....but I don't think it's really helping! Best of luck with yours!