Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thank You Hillary from Equestrian at Hart!

I came home from work and then from the barn on Friday night to a lovely surprise - a gift from my equestrian blogger secret santa!

One Horse Threads, eh? Where had I heard of them before...oh yeah! From a She Moved to Texas's Gift Showcase earlier this week!

Now who was this gift from...?!

Ah, Hillary from Equestrian at Hart! I recognize that name! Having only been blogging since the end of July this year, I've been a little slow discovering other equestrian bloggers, and sadly I only started following Hillary's blog just a few posts before she sold Houston and I hadn't gotten brave enough to start commenting yet at that point :-/

Now to open this lovely package...

T-Shirt #1: Thee Day Eventing, Greatest Sport in the World.

What can I say, it's true.

T-Shirt #2: Ride Brave, Live Brave. I need to wear this the next time I go XC schooling and keep repeating it to myself!

And then I made my husband take a pic:

Oh, and bonus: it came with a beer cozy. But we didn't have any beer in the house at the moment to model it so...
Badassery right here.


And a big thank you to Tracy from Fly On Over for organizing the gift exchange! Check out all the other gifts on the blog hop!


  1. Awesome gift! I love my One Horse shirt!

    1. They're really nice! I'm definitely a fan.

  2. So glad they arrived and fit! I guessed on size before I got a hold of Tracy.

  3. awesome!!! love the cozy too :)

  4. Beautiful shirts & I love the Irish model for the beer cozy ;-)
    Thanks to the Secret Santa i have found a new blog to follow, Yay ☺

    1. Welcome! I'm loving findig other new blogs through this gift exchange too!