Wednesday, January 28, 2015


In a strange turn of events I actually got a snow day on Tuesday thanks to this monster blizzard. On Monday the Governor declared a State of Emergency and announced a travel ban starting midnight on Monday and effective until we hear otherwise - this included the MBTA, the public transit system, which was highly unusual. Technically we were still banned from travelling as of noon Tuesday, but that didn't stop me from going to the barn and to my parent's house...

I now bring you: How to Care for Horses During a Blizzard.

Step 1: Shovel out truck and drive to barn. Thank the Lord that you have 4 wheel drive.

Step 2: Assess the situation.
Large snowdrifts outside the expected.

Cassidy's stall

Maggie's stall

Rio's stall
Step 3: Start shoveling. The drifts had blown into the stalls a bit and the water tubs outside were essentially blocked, so husband and I dug out a path for each of the horses.
Begin inside stall.

Progress to outside stall. Very thankful for trough heaters and my husband who is a good sport!

Step 4: Admire handiwork.

Nice little path

Cash immediately came out after my husband finished shoveling for him. He seemed to be the only one actually enjoying the weather/  

In fact he actually ventured out past where we had shoveled. The drifts weren't actually very deep at all farther down the paddocks. 

Maggie also ventured out looked around then went and took a drink of her water, which made me happy.

We then gave the horse's their lunch hay, picked stalls, and set up their next meals before we continued to ignore the travel ban proceed to my parent's house to help shovel their driveway.

You see, my parent's house has a VERY long driveway. And no, we do not have a snow blower or a plow. But hey, I have essentially been helping shovel this driveway for about 20 years, so I'm used to it.

That's my truck down at the end of the driveway and I'm standing not quite halfway down.
After finishing the length of the driveway, we let Zipper out for a little free-range pony time. When the banks are this high she's pretty much contained and we can let her just bomb around up and down the driveway.

And then we finished up by shoveling out a small path for Billy and Zipper in their paddock.

"You shall not pass!"

Having a path doesn't keep her from trekking through the deep stuff though. 
Fortunately, all the snow that has fallen has been complete fluff. This makes shoveling a heck of a lot easier, makes it less likely that the power will go out (we've had power the whole time thus far and it's been awesome), and it also doesn't drag the electric fencing down at Maggie's barn. That can be a huge problem. 

So Southerners, are you horrified? Anyone else around here get some of the blizzard too?


  1. Well, I was feeling a little whiny about how the week started off in the 60s here in central Kansas and was going to end in snow. But we will only get 1-3 inches. So I think you win. :-)

  2. I'm horrified, but also thinking that your upper body strength must be amazing!

  3. WAH OMG! I find this both alluring (fresh, white, fluffy snow!) and terrifying!!

  4. Oh my, the forecast snow here again! If there is that much snow about to come, I will MOVE! Any suggestions?! ;)

  5. Hehe, just as I was about to hit "publish" on my "How to Ride in a Blizzard" post :)

  6. GEEEZ!! That's a ton of snow! You are a driveway clearing powerhouse.

  7. We got approximately zero inches from that storm, even though we were forecasted to get 5-8". Looking at your pictures just makes me so sad we missed it. I do love shoveling snow. /sarcasm. ;)

  8. OMG adorable goat and pony!! Y'all got SO much snow holy cow! I remember snowpacolypse 2011....we got 3ft in one night and it was impossible to get anywhere for over a week!