Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Photos: MORE SNOW

So I'm gonna bombard you guys with snow pictures again. Had enough? Yeah, me too...

Maggie wades down to the end of her paddock as I drive in.

Outside Maggie's stall.

Enjoying lunch.

Had to re-purpose the the wheelbarrow to help with snow removal from the front door

And this is the back door...3.5ish foot drift.
 And now, as far as I'm concerned, the ONLY good thing about this much snow: BAREBACK RIDING. Hello, floaty trot!


Good pony.
 I'm hoping to do another dressage lesson next week, but first I have to shovel a path over to the indoor. Guess that's what I'll be doing sometime this weekend. "Real" riding has been suspended until then!


  1. Replies
    1. It's the best thing about the snow!

    2. It kinda scares me. Isn't it slippery? Doesn't the snow pack in their feet and cause ouchies? Isn't it COLD?!?! I am not a cold weather creature....

    3. I was super hesitant about snow riding at first, but then when I went to school in Vermont I was at a barn with no indoor so snow was all we had sometimes lol. It's not really slippery when it's this deep, but if it's only a dusting or an inch or two then I avoid riding on it cause then it's very slippery! I've never had a problem with feet getting ouchy from it packing...snowballs accumulating in shod feet can be a problem though, but there are special pads that farriers can put on to keep that from happening. Maggie is barefoot though so we fortunately don't have that problem!

      Yes, it is cold though -_-

  2. Snow pics!!! <3 Riding in the snow is my fav

  3. Such great pictures!

  4. Oh I love your riding pictures! That looks like so much fun

  5. aaaaaand you are officially my hero! those riding pics are epic!!

  6. It looks like it was fun to ride in at least!