Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Horse Heroes

Have you ever noticed that horse people are some of the best people? (Though on the flip side they can also be some of the batshit craziest people on the planet, but that's not what we're gonna focus on right now.) Right now we're talking about the good horse people. The ones you've gone to school with, boarded with, taken lessons with, and have stuck with you. Because nobody really understands a horse person like another horse person. 

Horse friends know exactly how much time, money, blood, sweat, and tears you've poured into that animal. And while other people may find it confusing or even stupid to put that much energy into an animal that just stands around and poops for 70% of the day, your horse friends totally get it. Not only do they get it, they fully support and encourage you along the way. You go on trail rides together, and vacations, and to shows, and to the beach. 

And they're also there for you when things don't go so well. They'll lend your horse a blanket when you don't have one of your own to use. They'll stick around in the freezing cold barn waiting for the vet to come for your horse when you can't get there. They'll run to two stores in search of wheat bran for you because the stores close before you get home from work. They'll check on your horse's bowel movements throughout the day and text you updates. For these acts of kindness horse friends become horse heroes. Those horse heroes are the most valuable and you hope that they know you'd do the same for them if their horse should they need it.

Horse ownership is seldom a purely solo activity and we all need a little help from our friends sometimes. So thanks horse heroes, for being the best of friends!

Photo by Meg Wethersfield Photography


  1. Aww love this. So much truth-only other horse people can understand some things.