Monday, January 19, 2015

Product Review: Scratch n All Grooming Pad (plus a special offer!)

Back in November, I purchased two Scratch n All grooming pads at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire. These are interlocking rubber curry comb-like blocks that your animal can scratch themselves up against.  At their EA booth, I was instantly  attracted by the video screen behind them playing various clips of animals grooming themselves against it. The videos included a goat which made me INSTANTLY NEED SOME OF THESE FOR BILLY BOOMER.

As a goat, Bill Boomer enjoys throwing himself against walls and fences as a means of scratching himself. I pictured him using these instead and maybe even staving of some of the fence carnage he tends to cause.

The Details:

Size: Each pad measures 5" wide x 6" tall x 1" deep.

Price: $15.99 + shipping for 1 - 3 pads. Tiered pricing for higher quantities: *Best deal is 12 pads for $10.75 and shipping is currently free for this quantity.

Purchasing: Orders can be placed through the Scratch n All Website. There are also a few local shops that carry them, depending on what state you live in.

Materials: The pads are made of high quality resin in order to give the best performance and durability over time and the included hardware is stainless steel. And they are made in the U.S.A!


Each pad comes with hardware (four phillips head screws and four washers). I love it when gadgets come with the pieces you need to install them - saves me from having to rummage through my toolbox hoping that I have the right size screws!

I decided to affix the pads to the corner of the door frame that leads from the stall to the paddock outside for two reasons:

1. I think it's really cool that these can be bent around a corner, so I wanted to try out that feature.

2. This is a place where the animals like to hang out anyway and scratch themselves.

It was a little difficult with my small hands to keep the pad in place around the corner while I drilled the first screw in. It might have been nice to have a second pair of hands here, but not necessary. I made do just fine!

Once the first pad is screwed in place, all the others follow very easily. The pad are designed to interlock with one another, so all I had to do was fit the blue pad underneath the red one and it stayed in place on it's own while I screwed it in. 

At first I made the small mistake of tightly screwing all four screws into the red one before fitting the blue pad underneath which made the blue one unable to interlock properly. All I had to to though was loosen the bottom screws of the red pad AND THEN place the blue pad below it, then screw the red one tightly back in place.

You can see the interlocking edge on the blue pad in this picture,

All done!

At first, Billy was a little spooked by these strange new things on the outside of his house.

But he quickly got over his skepticism and decided to see if they were a tasty snack, as goats do.

Alas, they were not tasty. But what's almost as good as being a tasty snack? Something that gives good scratches! It didn't take Billy long at all to discover the Scratch n All's true purpose. Here's a video:

Zipper, on the other hand, was not particularly enthused. Then again though, she's not impressed by much.

After watching the video back, I actually decided to put the red pad underneath the blue pad, as I thought that might make them more accessible to him.

Two months later, the pads are holding up great. I can tell that they're getting used because of the grime that they're collecting, much like a curry comb does after a good grooming session. Just a scrub with a hard brush and some water easily removes that dirt though! My parents can see out into Zipper and Billy's paddock from their kitchen window and my Dad also reports that he sees Billy using them regularly.

Two months later - some dirt and a few hairs can be seen.

I shared the above video of Billy using the pads with Cynthia, the creator of Scratch n All (who is lovely to communicate with, by the way!) and for allowing her to use my video of Billy on the website she sent me four free pads! I put these up in Maggie's stall where I used to have some old bucket hooks that I know she liked to scratch her butt on (because I would always find tail hairs in them!) 

The pads interlock horizontally as well in a cool wave pattern.

I then hid in the neighboring stall and tried to video her using them. All I got was a blurry picture though.

"What dis?"

So far I haven't been able to catch her in the act of scratching...but I do think she is using them. I'm finding the same kind of dirt on the nubs and hairs in them occasionally. I may try moving them to a different location in her stall and seeing if they get more use then.  

Would I recommend?

Yes! There is certainly an element of sticker shock at first, but that's the price of a truly high quality product. I've only had these pads for two months, but Cynthia assures me that these quality products are meant to last - she has only had one customer report that their animal wore them out...and that animal was a long-horned steer named Buckshot and it took him five years to do so. You can see a video of him using the Scratch n All here! (It's pretty cute!)

I also think they are well worth the investment particularly if you have an animal that is a little destructive with their scratching (like Billy on the fence line, or Maggie getting tail hairs caught) because the Scratch n All pad provides a safe area for self-grooming instead.

and now...drum roll please...
A Special Offer!

The first two people who purchase 10 pads through the Scratch n All website will automatically receive 2 more pads free along with free shipping (for a total of 12 pads) when they type "Billy Sent Me" in the "Order Instructions/Comments" section on the order confirmation page. (*This offer is good for 10 pads only and cannot be honored for any other amount.)

Thank you Cynthia for this generous offer! Please take a second to visit the Scratch n All Facebook page for tons of animal stories and videos (I personally thought the video 'Acupressure by Goat' was hysterical.)

Shedding season will be here before we know it! (at least I hope so!)


  1. Billy looks so cute scratching his face in that first video!!

  2. I would love to get these for the horses at the track.

    1. I'm sure they'd love them! I bet they scratch against the corners of their stall doors all the time.

  3. Replies
    1. I had never seen anything like them before I saw them at EA!

  4. I need one in the hallway for me! And you just made my day--cute goat picture!

  5. Neat! I think I'll get a few of these for the spots on the barn my horses scratch themselves on. They're tearing up the wood with their scratching, this would protect the barn and give them something nice to scratch on!

    1. Exactly! Once I fix a couple sections of fence that Billy has worn down I want to put more up where he usually scratches there

  6. I've been thinking of getting some of those for Dancer. Thanks for your review! It always helps to know if these things work or not before you spend the money on them.

  7. omg i LOVE that video of the goat haha!! those blocks are super clever

  8. Our donkey has something similar and he LOVES it!