Saturday, January 24, 2015

SMTT Equestrian Scavenger Hunt

I'll be honest, I wasn't initially going to participate in Lauren from She Moved to Texas's online equestrian scavenger hunt mostly because I really prefer keeping to my own photos on here. But then Carly from Poor Woman Showing won at life. And then the SprinklerBandits totally owned it as well. So here's my take on it in the same style...because I am just seriously lacking in creativity nowadays.

1. The most magical Friesian of all the Friesians:
The horse on the right is my friend's horse, Rio. He is a BLM Mustang who thinks he's a Friesian. When we are trail riding/beach riding and he sees another black horse in another group he will litterally try to ditch us and go join the other herd. No joke.
2. A 10+ Jumper:
Nailed it.
3. A horse we can all call Shenanigans! on:
What do you mean this isn't how cavalletti work?
4. The (best) worst clip job you’ve ever seen:
One of the college Intro to Equine classes got a hold of poor Hebe (left). I do not understand what they did to his flank...
5. The cutest miniature horse on the planet:
My Zippy pony, DUH!
6. Bitchiest. Mare. Ever.:
My Zippy pony, DUH! (not really..but sort of yes.)
7. Funniest horse meme/cartoon:
I'm breaking my original photos only rule because I just love this pic so much. From The Idea of Order.
8. The most matchy McMatcherson outfit:
Blue is totes our color.
9. A most saintly creature:
She's a mini, she's can be BOTH bitchy and saintly.
10. The Black Stallion Returns… 2015 2002(?) style:
Because half-chaps are for chumps.


  1. Replies
    1. I call it: "How Not to Trailer a Mini and a Goat"

  2. yessssss i will never get tired of that cavaletti gif haha! and your mini is amazing lol

    1. me neither! I will use that gif every opportunity I have!

  3. This is fantastic!

  4. The cavaletti! Just showing you how athletic she is. :-)