Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowy Weekend - Photo Session and Riding

As the post title implies, it actually snowed. Thus far it had been an unusually snow-less winter here in Mass, but really the only thing around here that you can expect out of the weather is the unexpected. In the past couple years I've given up on expecting "normal" seasons; we've had cool summers and warm winters and everything in between. And now there's a HUGE snowstorm predicted for Tuesday morning and everyone is freaking out because there has never EVER been a HUGE snowstorm here before. Ever.

But I digress...

On Saturday I grabbed my fancy camera and headed to the barn with every intention of taking lovely pictures of my horse running through the snow, mane billowing out behind her and snowflakes decorating her hair. By the time I got to the barn the big snowflakes that I had been watching out my window just that morning had turned to sleet and my horse looked like this:

Good job Maggie. That's just one more reason to hate the snow as far as I'm concerned; it makes your horse's white spots look even more gross. So head shots it was!

First let me start out with the most truly majestic shot of them all:

There were a couple other classic Maggie faces:

But I ended up with two pics that I'm pretty happy with:

I'm really especially digging this last one - what do you think?

I skipped riding on Saturday because gross horse and went to the gym instead, but I rode on Sunday and it was actually warm enough (read: not too terrible freezing cold) that my phone didn't die instantly from the cold so I could actually set it on the arena wall and video myself!

First off, I thought I had edited out the parts where I turn the phone on and off. Oh well. Hope you like my closeup! Aside from that, other impressions both good and bad:

  • I was not overly impressed with the first part of the video (only trotting)...I thought it felt better than it looks :/ That's why video is good...for reality checks.
  • I was doing better with sitting up tall for a while, but I think I've begun to lean forward again while trying to get more energy in the trot. WHY CAN I NOT JUST SIT UP???
  • Need to keep elbows close to my body, even if I hold my hands wide. 
  • I think, at the trot at least, my lower leg is a lot steadier and is positioned behind the girth a lot better than it was earlier last summer.
  • In the second part of the video before we start cantering I think her trot looks steadier.
  • Canter transitions aren't pretty, but she was very responsive in picking up the canter. 
  • I feel like my upper body moves way too much at the canter...
  • Stretchy trot at the end = pretty good?!
All in all, certainly not a bad ride. Just need more lessons....


  1. the second picture - LOL

  2. I love her wavy lip in that top shot!!!

    1. She's actually really good at waving her lips...giant lips...

  3. Slightly jealous of your snow and then I remember shoveling. Great pictures!

    1. If you know how much shoveling I did today...

  4. love your pictures! the video is nice too - she's just so cute! i know what you mean about the leaning bit and busy upper body (as i have problems there too) - but it'll always be more apparent to you than to other viewers

  5. I love the snow photos! Maggie looks so pretty with her little snow-covered nose, hehe!!