Friday, February 27, 2015

Almost There...

February is almost over. March is almost here. SPRING WILL COME EVENTUALLY. We're almost there, guys.

Think Spring!

I am very happy to report that we did NOT have a monstrous snow storm at any point this past week, though there were a few flurries and slight coatings here and there. The snow is still up to Maggie's belly in her paddock and there are still mounds of icy, dirty snow lining the streets everywhere. I don't expect the snow all to magically melt on Sunday as the clock strikes midnight (though that would be great and I certainly wouldn't mind if it did!) but the turn of the calendar page means time is moving on and we'll get there.


I've already noticed a few promising signs this week. For one, I actually had a normal, on-time commute yesterday morning AND evening. That's pretty big. What's even bigger in my mind though, is that it's actually light out both when I leave my house in the morning (6:15 AM) and when I get off the train and home from work (5:15 PM). That means it's light out when I get to the barn and see Maggie-face! The fact that there's more daylight just does wonders for my mental state.

I promise not to complain about mud season this year - in fact, I look forward to it! JUST MELT THE SNOW! 

What March 1st also means is that my dry spell should end and I will ride my horse again. That'll do wonders for my mental state as well!


  1. yay!!! hang in there - spring really is coming (despite appearances lol)!!