Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Maggie Memoirs on Eventing Nation!

On Friday afternoon, Amanda from Bel Joeor left a comment on my post about the (potential) Boston 2024 Olympics suggesting that I send it in to Eventing Nation. So, an hour or so later I did...and they published it on the site yesterday morning! Quite the quick turnaround!

I'm kind of a bit of a fangirl of EN, so I was stupid proud to see my post up there :) I may have taken a screen shot:

Click here to go see my post on EN and give it a little love! And thanks again for the tip Amanda!!


  1. Wow, congratulations, famous person!!!!!

  2. ahh so cool!! i actually thought of you when i saw that EN post, but didn't connect the dots lol

  3. Whoop whoop-super cool!

  4. Hooray, that's so cool! I'm glad you sent it, it was so well-written and researched and I'm glad they realized that!