Monday, February 16, 2015

Week Four of Snow

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my February Thoughts post. I texted my trainer on Friday and asked her to hold my check until March. She said that's not a problem at all and "Let's hope we all survive 'til March!" Seriously. I do already feel a little less stressed without the pressure I had been putting on myself about riding. Unfortunately though, even snow rides might be out of the question now considering we just got our 4th snow storm Saturday night through Sunday morning which dumped another 22 inches on the town that our barn is in - that's the most in the whole county for this storm. Yaaaay. (Not.)  I'm not sure about our town specifically, but Boston now has a record snow total of 58.5 inches for February.

I think this pic is actually from last weekend, but whatevs.

So once again I spent my weekend in snow removal mode. On Saturday I raked the roof some more to make room for the upcoming blizzard that night and then did a little (a lot, actually) shoveling outside Maggie's door (special thanks to a certain friend for helping with that!) On the plus side we recently got a new tool that makes raking the roof SO much easier and faster. I took a video of it in action last week:

I mentioned in this previous post that our barn owner has kind of been slacking on plowing - during the storm 2 weeks ago he said he wasn't going to plow until the snow stopped. Which I think is ridiculous because ti makes it quite difficult to get into the barn to take care of our horses. This was the case again this Sunday, only the snow stopped around 10 am, but the barn driveway didn't get plowed until around 5 pm. When I went by to check on the horses and toss them their lunch hay around noon I had to park at the church down the street a little ways and then trudge on foot up the unplowed driveway. Quite the workout.

There is supposed to be a driveway to the right of that telephone pole.

View of the barn from the middle of the driveway. If you look close you can see Maggie peeking out of her stall.
Compare the above picture from Sunday (yesterday) to this picture below from Tuesday:

Photo taken Tuesday 2/10/15
The barn is going to be slowly buried...I'm convinced.

I chipped away at the area of Maggie's paddock just outside her stall which my barnmates and I fondly refer to as the "patio" and this is as far as I got:

There's a packed down layer of snow roughly 2 feet high beyond this area that I chiseled out.

"Here, let me help!"
The temps have been low enough lately that I actually decided to throw a blanket on Maggie as of Friday night. I've kind of taken pride in the fact that I've never blanket my horses, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that sometimes may be necessary to do so. I don't have anything against blanketing, it's just never been necessary for me before! Zipper, my mini, is still not blanketed because, well, she's a mini and she's got enough hair on her tiny body to cover a Clydesdale in the winter. Maggie is pretty fuzzy, but not enough that I feel comfortable leaving her unblanketed when the temps aren't even getting out of single digits during the day (as was the case Friday and will be the case again today.) So I borrowed my friend's old blanket again which is a size too big for Maggie but get's the job done and I have a blanket on order from Smartpak which should arrive today hopefully!

"I have no idea how this happened..."
 Also, the unplowed driveway made it quite tough to get a wheelbarrow out to the manure pile:

My husband and I have been helping out at my parent's house as well and when I'm there I also take care of Bill and Zipper. They currently have kind of a figure-eight track shoveled in their paddock for them and they're getting dwarfed by the snowbanks:

That's all for now, but I hear there's more snow forecasted for this coming Tuesday...WHEN WILL IT END?!


  1. ugh sooooo much snow!! i'm glad you're feeling a little relief from the pressure of needing to 'be productive' with riding - tho all that snowfall isn't really giving you much of a chance to sit back and just relax!!! good luck making it through - at least Maggie looks like she's handling it in stride (and she's SO adorable helping you rake the roof haha!)

  2. We don't even have remotely this much snow and I'm so over it. I hope you guys get a break in the effing weather soon!

  3. Dude, I don't know how you're staying to upbeat! If I had that much snow, all I'd manage to post on my blog would be GIFs of murder, LOL

    1. I'm flattered that I'm coming across as upbeat!! I sure don't feel like it and I was wondering if I'm starting to be too much of a downer lately lol