Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Goals: 1st Quarter Check-In

Obviously not a ton has been going on for these first three months of 2015 (heck, I didn't even ride during the whole month of February) but I figure I'll check in with my 2015 goals anyway...

Riding Goals:

1. Find a trainer in the area to take jumping lessons with.
My trailer has literally been buried in the snow, so no progress on this yet.

2. Keep up with lessons at least twice a month.
Maggie had a little colic episode early in January this year, but bounced back well and we snuck in one lesson at the end of January right before the Snowpocalypse began. Then in February the snow kept coming and coming, so I decided to can it and didn't ride at all during that month. However, this month I've gotten back on the horse both literally and figuratively and did a lesson in the first week of and the fourth week of March. So at least this month was a win, and frankly, considering the colic and snow I think I did a pretty decent job keeping this goal on track!

3. Get more confident over fences and school XC more.
Hahahaha...XC schooling. That's a funny one. I didn't expect to have achieved this by now anyway - this will be a summer thing! Maggie did feel great over 2'3" the other week though, so that's good.

4. Stay relaxed in dressage.
Clearly, there have been no shows to test this thus far, but I have pretty good hopes. In the lessons I've taken since last show season, I think I've learned some good tools for slowing down and staying relaxed and I think that my body control is improving as well which should help.

5. Show at the Beginner Novice level.
Yeah no, not yet.

Blog Goals:

1. Keep up with posting.
YOU GUYS I'VE DONE SO GOOD WITH THIS!!! My goal was to post twice a week at minimum, but I have consistently been posting THREE times a week! BOOM.

2. Participate in blog hops.
I'm still not totally into this for whatever reason, but I did do the SMTT Equestrian Scavenger Hunt and FOO's Day in the Life.

3. Get a sponsored raffle/ product review.
It wasn't quite what I had in mind, but for my very first product review (the Scratch n All grooming pad) I was able to offer a special 'purchase 10 get 2 free' offer. No idea if anyone used it...

Blogging and watching live stream eventing. Aw yeah.

Personal Goals:

1. Stay active outside of riding.
I HAVE DONE SO GOOD WITH THIS TOO!!! I've been going to the gym and running or biking at least 3 times a week - sometimes more. There isn'r really any weight loss going on (which is kind of but not really a goal) but I have noticed my cardiovascular improving. I'm starting to run for longer stretches at a time now and my breathing has been great. I've actually just registered for my first 5k at the end of April - the Pipestave Hill 5k Trail Run. Yes, the same Pipestave Hill that we've evented at! So that should be fun :) At least for all the not-riding I've done during February I got a lot of gym time in!

2. Pay off Maggie's surgery.
Well, I have not won the lottery or come into some major inheritance within the last 3 months, so this obviously is still hanging over my head. I have chipped away just a little bit at it though, so I'm working on it!

You know, for having a colic plus the winter from hell I'm gonna go ahead and say I've done a pretty decent job overall. We may not have even gotten a change to work on a lot of these goals (I'm looking at YOU riding goals involving jumping), but I definitely feel like we've been doing some excellent flatwork and I think that we're going to come into the show season this year stronger than we did last year, which is really all I can ask for right now!


  1. You guys are doing great!! Especially since all the snow tried to ruin your fun.

    1. Seriously - It's still trying to also! GO AWAY SNOW!

  2. Those equestrian goals are going to shape up as the snow melts :) Keep rocking it!

  3. So glad to see you on #HorseHour! Although I think I missed it by an hour this week. I think you have wonderful goals and it's cool you make them public to us all. Glad the colic ordeal was just a small blip on the timeline for you. Happy Spring!

    1. I love #HorseHour! Yes, all this international clock changing is messing with me...I got completely messed up a couple weeks ago during the US time change...

  4. sounds like you've got your goals for the year solidly in hand!! and that's all despite the winter from hell - nice work!