Wednesday, March 4, 2015

...And Then I Rode My Horse!

That feeling when you're so excited to be riding that you try and take a selfie with your horse...
The weekends have been pretty busy as of late, what with all the shoveling and general property maintenance that everyone has had to do. This past weekend though was a litter quieter, at least in that respect. I didn't have to rake the roof and I didn't have to shovel (it's a Christmas miracle!) I did spend a small chunk of time chipping frozen poo out of Maggie's stall though. That was fun. But still, I had to time do a few things that have fallen by the wayside in the past week. Like, oh you know, pay some attention to my horse herself instead of the inanimate objects around her such as the barn roof or her stall or the area just outside her stall.

So the first thing I did on Saturday was bring Maggie out of her stall and put her on to the crossties. I stripped her blanket and gave her a nice grooming, which I think she was appreciative of because her neck seemed quite itchy. The hair on her belly had gotten a little matted somehow though, and as I tried to curry that out she was not at all appreciative - she shot me some seriously dirty looks and even lifted her hind leg at me. I scratched her some more on the neck to make up for it.

And then I actually took her outside the barn. It's not like she's been cooped up a stall for four weeks since she has good-sized a 24/7 runout. However, much of the runout hasn't been run in since the snow is up to her belly so she's still been fairly limited in terms of movement. So taking her for a little walk outside of her stall (even if it was just up and down the driveway) was very exciting! She was very well behaved for one lap up and then I think she realized that she could actually move her feet freely which was very exciting so she started jigging. I normally hate jigging and try not to let horses get away with it, but I really couldn't blame her this time so I picked up my own pace and went with it. It was fine until she started pulling me toward the manure pile and other snowbanks where there were some dropped hay scraps. I had absolutely no traction under my feet so she was essentially pulling me along with her face and not listening to me. Should have put her in the rope halter. So enough was enough after that - back into her stall/runout she went while I did chores.

"Look, a snow bank!"

The barn owner finally decided it was time to clear the other end of he barn roof.
In my EN post about how eventers are surviving the snow I said "I haven’t ridden my horse in almost a month now, and I think we’re both going slowly insane." Maggie's insanity has become evident in the past two weeks as she has begun chewing down the wall between her and her QH friend.

Well done, horses, well done.
My husband and I rebuilt this wall last summer because the old one was falling apart at the seams. Up until around two weeks ago there were zero missing bars, but as my friends and I muck stalls throughout the week we've been finding a few on the floor each day. So now we already know what our first spring project is going to be. I'm thinking we should put some metal brackets between each of the bars this time around.

Sunday was March 1st which means NO MORE FEBRUARY! You may recall that when the storm storms started (literally) piling on I called it quits on renting the indoor arena for the month of February. As much as I have missed riding for the past month and as bored as poor Maggie has been getting, I think it was a good call. Much of my spare time was spent simply trying to help maintain the property among all the snow. And when you weigh getting to ride versus having your barn roof collapse over your horse, the choice is pretty clear. Another perk of waiting it out for March: one of the other boarders shoveled the path over to the indoor during her school vacation week. I do do feel kind of guilty for taking advantage of her work...but then again I didn't have a whole week on my hands...

So, Sunday March 1st, I made it a priority to bring Maggie over to the indoor! I put her rope halter on her for a little more control while leading her over there, but she kept her cool. I brought a lunge line with me, however once we got over there and I realized we had the ring to ourselves I just took her off thee lead and let her run. And boy did she RUN. Like, pretending to be a thoroughbred run.


Such trot. Wow.
Needless to say, she had fun and was happy to move her feet on flat ground. 

I gave her Monday off, but last night I tacked her up, brought her to the indoor and then put her on the lunge for a couple minutes.

She was surprisingly well behaved on the lunge, though she certainly wasn't lacking any energy. Also, there is apparently a rabbit living in the big square bales being stored at the end of the indoor. Maggie spotted it.

To think, whenever she'd give the bales the hairy eyeball when riding earlier in the season I had told her to knock it off because there was nothing in there! Guess I was wrong!

...And then I rode my horse! It's only been a month, but then again it's been a whole month since I've ridden! Know what I mean? I'm not going to critique my ride for two reasons: we didn't really work on anything specific and it was just for fun. Maggie was super, felt great, and we definitely had a fun little ride. On my part, this says it all:


  1. Yay!! I'm sure Maggie was just as happy to get out as you were!

  2. Yay for riding! This winter has been so insane. Seriously.

  3. Woohoo! So glad you got to ride :)

  4. *dances* YOU RODE! Yaaaaaayyyyy!

  5. Yay!!!! So happy you got to ride!! Maggie looks like she's having a blast on the footing too lol.

  6. Yay for riding!! Maggie looks ready to go :)