Monday, March 2, 2015

Day in the Life

Thanks to Tracy from Fly On Over for this great blog hop topic - I've been meaning to do a 'Day in the Life' post for a while so this is the perfect time to do so - even if I'm a little late to the blog hop!

As a working adult amateur rider it's really tough to fit in everything that I want to do in a day into the allotted 24 hours. Right now - and for the past almost 5 years - I also commute to into Boston for work which takes up a huge chunk of my day, as you'll see.

For the sake of this post, let's assume that this is a spring, summer, or fall day considering there is not a whole lot of riding going on this winter...

5:30 am - My alarm goes off. I sigh and lay in bed for a minute trying to muster the strength to get up.

5:32 am - I roll out of bed and grab the clothes that I laid out on my dresser the night before. I toss the clothes in the bathroom as I make my way to the kitchen where I start brewing some coffee. Priorities.

5:36 am - In the bathroom I wash myself up, get dressed, and attempt to make myself presentable enough to go out in public.

5:57 am - I go back to the kitchen and scrounge through the refrigerator, trying to figure out what I should bring for lunch. I attempt to look for something healthy to bring and spend much too long simply staring blankly into the refrigerator. I give up and make myself a peanut butter sandwich with a touch of nutella because it's easy and I've spent too long starting inside the fridge hoping lunch will put itself together. I grab a greek yogurt as well and also pour some Raisin Bran into a ziploc bag to take with me for breakfast. I fill my travel mug with coffee and pack everything up in my work bag.

6:16 am - My husband is blissfully still sleeping, but I go back into the bedroom to give him a quick kiss goodbye, then I head out the door, jump in the car, and drive to the commuter rail station.

6:34 am - Arrive at the commuter rail station and back into my usual parking spot in the back left corner of the lot. I'm here about 10 mins ahead of my train because this lot fills up fast! I sit in my car, munch on my raisin bran, and sip coffee while I wait for the train.

6:42 am - The train pulls into the station so I get out of my car and make my way to the platform to board the train.

6:44 am - I find a good seat on the train and take my monthly pass out to show the conductor. I plug my headphones into my phone and turn the radio app on. After the conductor has checked my ticket I close my bag, slouch down in the seat putting my knees up against the seat back in front of me, and I lean against the window and doze off.

7:14 am - I briefly return to a mostly conscious state when someone sits down next to me. My butt has fallen asleep anyway, so time to adjust my sitting position. I go back to leaning against the window and fall into semi-consciousness once more.

7:35 am - I'm not sure how, but I always wake up just a couple minutes before the train actually pulls into the station.

7:38 am - The train pulls into North Station and I join the herd of people making their way off the train and to the subway stop. I grab a Metro newspaper on the way to entertain myself while on the subway (the T).

7:42 am - I get on a Green Line train and make my way to the middle of the car where it's less crowded and I might be able to get a seat.

7:51 am - I get off the Green Line at Park Street and fight my way across the platform and down to the lower level where I get on a Red Line train.

8:03 am - My Red Line train arrives at Kendall Square, I make my way above ground again, and try not to get hit by a car as I cross the street. 

8:08 am - I have finally arrived in my office! I turn on my computer and then head to the lunchroom to reheat my now two-hour-old coffee. Again, priorities.

View from my office on a very gray morning.

8:10 am onwards - My workday is highly variable and I'm not going to go into detail, but it does involves eating my lunch in front of the computer while I respond to emails so that I can go home sooner.

3:40 pm - Shut down my computer and high tail it out of the office. FREEDOM!!!

3:45 pm - Get to the Red Line platform. The LCD sign says next train is in 6 minutes. I walk all the way down to the end of the platform because this will position me the closest to the exit of the stop I will get off at.

3:51 pm - Get on the Red Line train that has just arrived. Attempt to position myself right next to the door so I can be the first off at the next stop. Get off at Charles/MGH, cross the street, and begin walking to North Station. It's faster to walk than it is to transfer to the Green Line in the afternoon!

4:03 pm - As I pass by the synagogue on my way to North Station I look out for the three white squirrels that hang out near here. Even seen a white squirrels before? Neither had I before I started walking to the train in the afternoon.

They're quite friendly too.

4:07 pm - I arrive at North Station and have time to get a coffee from the McDonalds. $1.07 coffee soothes my soul in the afternoons.

4:11 pm - The lady with the thickest Boston accent I've ever heard announces that my train is now boarding on Track 2 and I join the herd of people shuffling towards the train. I walk all the way to the very last car and take a window seat. I pull out my headphones, plug them into my phone, and turn on my radio app again. Then I arrange my bag on my knees and stick my coffee in it in such a way that it can't spill, but is still easily accessible for drinking. I make sure that my ticket is sticking out and visible to the conductor when she comes by.

Like so.

4:20 pm - The train pulls away from the station. My train ride home is really my main blogging time. I do a whole lot on my phone with the (lame) blogger app. If I'm not writing then I use the Bloglovin' app to read at catch up with everyone's blogs! No sleeping on the way home! (Except for that one time I accidentally OD'd on Benedryl, but that's a story for another day.)

5:13 pm - The train pulls into Ipswich station and I make my way to my car.  I jump in and start it up as fast as possible so I can beat most of the rush getting out of the parking lot.

5:24 pm - I briefly contemplate stopping at the Cumberland Farms that's right there on the corner for a snack, but I think better of it and resist. Pat self on back for this moment of strength.

5:26 pm - BARN TIME! Maggie sticks her head over her stall door and greets me with a big nicker as I walk up. I scratch her on the forehead and tell her how beautiful she is and that she's the best horsey in the world! 

5:28 pm - I change from my work shoes into a pair of boots that I keep in my tack truck at the barn and put a pair of old half chaps over my jeans. Then I throw on a jacket to kind of/sort of keep my work shirt clean. Next, I open Maggie's stall door to put her halter on and put her on cross ties.

5:30 pm - Grooming time for Maggie. I pick out her feet first and see if they need a hit of thrush buster or not. Then I curry and brush before tacking up. 

5:38 pm - Once Maggie is all tacked up I lead her out to the ring and its riding time! As soon as I'm in the saddle I breathe a sigh of relief and much of my stress melts away.

6:27 pm - Done riding so I bring Maggie back into the barn and crosstie her. She immediately looks for a cookie as soon as I strip her tack and put it away. I usually appease her. I give her another curry and hard brush before unhooking her from the crossties and making her do some stretches for more cookies.

6:36 pm - I lead Maggie back into her stall and to her runout and toss her a flake of her dinner hay to munch on while I muck her stall.

6:37 pm - I grab a wheelbarrow and a muck fork and clean Maggie's stall. One of my barn friends/ co-boarders arrived while I was riding so we chat while we both muck.

6:48 pm - Dump wheelbarrow and put away tools.

6:50 pm - I set up Maggie's hay and grain for tomorrow outside her stall.

6:55 pm - All done at the barn! I change my shoes and say see you later to my barn friend, but actually proceed to chat for another ten minutes.

7:05 pm - I actually get in my car and leave the barn for real. 

7:12 pm - Arrive at home, park car, and walk into my apartment. Greet husband with a big hug and kiss! Then proceed to raid the refrigerator for dinner.

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm - After dinner has been satisfactorily consumed I'll either just chill with the husband or if he's got music stuff that he's working on then I'll work on blog stuff. If it's been a particularly trying day then I might just find something trashy to watch on Hulu. I may or may not drink some wine and eat Cheezits while watching said trashy TV.

And that's it! Rinse and repeat the next day. I've enjoyed reading about what all you other adult amateur riders days are like too. I think I win for longest commute to work, but shortest commute to the barn! 


  1. I'm fascinated by your commute!

    1. Haha, well I'm glad it entertains someone!

  2. i love your grass ring!! and the white squirrels too lol. the commute - not so much... i'd be late for that train at least 50% of the time...

    1. You mean the grass/sand/rock arena...I think that pic makes it look nicer than it actually is, but hey, it's a place to ride!

  3. That commute literally sounds like my worst nightmare! I have so much respect for you doing that every day....