Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tentative Show Schedule

Now that it's March and I'm riding my horse again, it doesn't seem so far-fetched for me to start thinking about the upcoming show season! Of course, if I'm being honest I've actually been thinking about it the entire winter, but I just haven't let myself really plan it out until now.

After our first outing last year.
Everything is  subject to change at this point considering it's still very early and a lot of resources don't have their dates published yet.

May 3rd: Rowley Riding & Driving Club Spring Show
This is a little local hunter/jumper show that is literally walking distance from my house and only a 5 minute trailer ride from the barn. I've never done this type of show with Maggie before as it's not really my thing in the first place, but it seems like a fun outing and couldn't be closer too us. One of my barn mates is planning on going too, so I expect it to simply be a fun outing all around. Classes I would enter could include: Hunt seat adult equitation, hunter pleasure adult, trail horse adult, and horsemanship over fences 2' and 2'3" - 2'6". (If any of you hunter folks out there could enlighten me as to what horsemanship is judged on that would be great...)

May 30th: Groton House Farm 2-Phase
This was my first outing with Maggie last year and aside from a very spooky first jump in stadium (which was a problem for a lot of competitors) it went very well. I would do either the Elementary division (which is what we did last year) or potentially try our luck as Beginner Novice. I think it would depend on what height we've been mostly schooling at that point. Elementary is 2'3" with an Intro dressage test (no canter) and BN is 2'7" with a BN dressage test.

June 21st: Groton House Farm Summer Classic
This could be our first 3-phase of the year and I should certainly hope that we get a chance to get out and XC school before hand! I would definitely do the Elementary division for this regardless of what level we showed at for the 2-Phase. I've heard that GHF's fences can be a little imposing even at these low levels. The course also covers a good amount of terrain - much more than the previous XC we've run at Pipestave.

July 5th: Green Acres Event Series
This is a venue we've never been before. It seems like it would be a pretty easy 45 minute drive straight up the highway. There are both Elementary and BN options for the 3-phase, so we'd have to see what we felt up to...

August 2nd: Green Acres Event Series
We could go to this event again if we liked it the first time! Maybe do Elementary at the first outing and then BN for the second outing?

September 20th: Groton House Farm Fall Classic
I would hope that we'd feel comfortable moving up to BN at this point if we haven't already.

October 10th: Course Brook Farm Horse Trials
This would also be a new venue for us. There are a couple 2-phases at this same farm offered earlier in the year that we could potentially go to if we wanted. It's just over an hour drive and it could be our first USEA recognized event. We'll see how that pans out!

So that's a rough list of some shows we could go to. There's still more that I want to cram in there somewhere including the summer and fall Pipestave Horse Trials (whose dates haven't been announced yet, plus a hunter pace or two (never done one before!), and maybe some jumper schooling shows where we can do multiple rounds and get some good practice in. We'll see how the spring shapes up and whether the snow ever melts and the footing dries out. Many of my goals for this year hinge on getting some jumping lessons and XC schools under my belt, so that's the first step! It sure is fun to plan ahead though!

Is anyone else planning their summer shows out already?


  1. GHF is definitely solid at the level. We did the Elementary there a few years ago and it was a very fair, very solid course.

    In your shoes I'd be tempted by some of the Scarlet Hill XC derby events. Gorgeous property, great courses, good people, and a good fun way to compete/school.

    1. That's exactly what I've heard about GHF and exactly why it makes me a bit nervous...we'll see how it goes!

      Just looked up Scarlett hill - gorgeous!!! And only about an hour away so definitely doable!

  2. I literally just wrote the same post that will publish later this week! Haha

    1. Great minds! And tis the season! (Finally!!)

  3. what a great planned schedule!! i feel like you and i are at very similar points in our training haha bc i'm doing the same little dance in my head about elem v bn... good luck!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think we are in very similar places.... E to BN feels like such a huge leap in my mind, even though I feel like it shouldn't!