Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Almost Exciting

Things are about to get exciting around here. Show season officially starts this coming Sunday for me and Maggie with small open pleasure show hosted by a local riding & driving club. It's not exactly the fancy prancing that we've been working on all winter, but it's literally four houses down the road from my apartment and a barn mate of mine is doing it to, so it promises to be a low-key and fun day. We'll enter the adult Hunter Pleasure classes, so that will be a hoot, plus do two "Horsemanship Over Fences" classes...whatever those are judged on. It's for funzies. You know, before we get to serious stuff like 2-Phases. 

"Did someone say funzies?"
Thanks for all the feedback on my last post about the hunter pace vs. the 2-phase! It's good to know you all think that it wouldn't be too much to do both in the same weekend. I get paid this week so at that point I'll reassess my May budget and see if I can afford to do both. if I have to pick just one I'm leaning toward that hunter pace since it will be both a fun outing with a friend and I can kind of treat it like an XC schooling, which we desperately need!  

Now, I said that things are about to get exciting. They are not very exciting yet, but I'm going to do my best here. First and foremost: Rolex. It happened. I watched.

Rolex is exciting. I've never been in person, but I for sure want to go someday. No, I NEED to go someday. I'm not even exaggerating. It's like going to Mecca. I was glued to the USEF Network's live stream all weekend and I may have even had it on at work on Thursday and Friday (in a minimized window, listening to it, and taking a peek every so often. Ok maybe I maybe a peeked a little more than every so often...) I may have also rescheduled my optometrist appointment that was on Saturday so that I wouldn't miss any XC...

But of course I told myself that I was going to be productive this weekend and take advantage of the dual monitor that my husband set me up with to blog while watching Rolex.

Turns out I'm not so good at multitasking while there are horses jumping. I couldn't take my eyes off the action and there were exactly zero posts written over the weekend. I did get some pictures uploaded and edited though, so that's something?

I also rode Maggie several times throughout the past week and she is continuing to impress me with how she's been going. We haven't any rides quite as amazing as our last dressage lesson and we also both fell on our faces at one point, but I can really feel her pushing from her hind end and coming into my hands at times. That whole "circle of aids" thing? Yup, it's real.

I saddled Maggie up in the Wintec on Friday and took her over to the neighboring barn's jump ring, which recently acquired some strange, giant alphabet blocks. Kudos to Maggie - she was a machine and locked onto it every time. I was still kind of expecting her to spook at it the first time, but she sure showed me.

Definitely ready for Rolex. 
There was a local used tack and horse paraphernalia sale this weekend which is an annual event put on by one of our local equine organizations so my friends and I got up early on Saturday to peruse it. The most exciting this that I made out with was a large pony sized nylon driving harness for $30. I WILL teach Maggie to drive someday! After I teach her to event...

I also acquired some brand new items earlier last week that's I've got some product reviews planned for, so stay tuned for these:

Gotta say it looks pretty sharp.

Shed all the hairs!
Finally, before the horse shows commence I've got a human show to go to - and by that I mean I'm running my first 5k on Thursday. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck at the 5k! also excited about your upcoming show - i kinda love kicking things off with a low-pressure show like that. hope you have a blast! also hope you love those stirrups - they look great!

  2. When the Capital Challenge livestream was on, there was large, noticeable downward spiral in my productivity level.... #sorrynotsorry