Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I've Got a Case of the Blerghs

I'm pretty sure that's the medical term.

"What is Blerghs?"
I had two ok rides on Maggie last Thursday and Friday. They certainly weren't bad, but nothing spectacular or noteworthy enough that I feel warranted blogging about them. We did mostly trot with a lot of canter transitions thrown in. It's kind of the name of the game right now.

I was feeling really sleepy and exhausted as I was commuting home from work on Friday. Then when I got to barn I started sniffling a bit....and then by the time I got home my head was stuffed up. Where the crap did this random cold come from? Came completely out of nowhere, that's where. And I was seriously peeved about it. I still kind of am. I only ever get sick on the weekends and this past weekend was gorgeous - the first one in weeks where it hasn't been raining or snowing!
Maggie has officially declared it to be spring.
So with feeling like crap I didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to this weekend. I managed Easter dinner on Sunday and to get out to run some errands and do some chores on Saturday, but there was no riding and no gym and I also skipped going out on Saturday night to hear my husband's band. Totally lame :(

I also did not blog over the weekend, which seems kind of silly because that's the one productive thing that I can do while stuck inside. Being sick absolutely saps all ambition out of me though... Le Sigh.

Things are still melting around here - a lot faster than expected really - and there's a lot of bare, muddy ground to be seen which is actually a welcome sight to me. There is only one tiny patch of ice left in Maggie's paddock out of that whole giant mound of snow she had been standing on. I think that's pretty amazing. The only exception to the melting is our outdoor ring which is 100% still covered in snow. So that's a downer, because even though spring is actually in the air now I'll still be relegated to the dusty indoor for a while yet. Boo.

A fellow boarder's unfortunately muddy paddock in the foreground, outdoor ring in the background.
So that's my whiny little 'I don't feel good' rant. Thank you for humoring me. Though as I finish writing this I am feeling less congested, but still tired and kind of ...blergh. I'm due for a lesson this week, so maybe I can schedule one for Thursday or Friday.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! The blergs are no fun.

  2. You are totally allowed to whine/rant. I hope things take a swing for the better ASAP!

  3. I've been feeling a little blah too.

  4. bummer about the blerghs.... yay for melting snow and spring time tho!! hope you're feeling better soon!