Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sand In My Pants

I awoke at 4:50 am yesterday morning to a thunderstorm and I could hear it absolutely pouring outside. Sadly, I was unable to get myself to fall back to sleep until my alarm went off at 5:10. It's always annoying when you wake up to realize you have a few precious minutes of sleep left, but then your brain doesn't let you take advantage of it. It had rained off and on the day before as well, so I was confined to ride in the dusty indoor on Monday. By the sound of things I didn't have high hopes for riding outside on Tuesday either.

However, I when I left work later that day I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had turned into a really nice day - blue sky, 63 degrees, and sunny. My hopes were renewed! So I got to the barn, tacked up, and took Maggie to the ring next door. The footing was a little sloppy, but I had ridden in worse.

I got Maggie trotting and she was going pretty nicely. She was stretching down looking for the bit though she was a little off balance and slow in the squishing footing. Understandable. So I decided I wouldn't ask too much of her. Being kind of tired from an early morning, I just wanted a short easy ride anyway.

But then someone started a tractor next door just as we were coming around to one end of the ring where there was a particularly sloppy patch. Maggie didn't really spook, just popped her head up to look off the the right and as she did so she slipped in the muck and fell to her knees. I can sit to her bucks like it's my job (I guess it kind of is?), but I was a goner as she suddenly fell and I just kind of rolled down her shoulder and into the slushy sand. Maggie and I both got right back up, no worse for the wear other than a little surprised with ourselves I think.

May or may not have snorted a little sand.
Maggie stood perfectly still as I re-mounted. Of course you have to get back on the horse, muddy boots and all. She was a total gem and very steady for the rest of the ride - I think she had decided she better be a little more careful about where she put her feet. After another 10 minutes or so of trotting I called it a day since she was being so good and also because the sand that had gotten down my breeches was becoming a little uncomfortable.

The are two morals of this story, kids:

  1. Never take your footing for granted.
  2. You can write blog post about anything. 


  1. Hahaha! Well I'm definitely glad you're both okay... maybe it's better to fall in squishy sand than rock-hard dirt? LOL

    1. haha yup, definitely softer! Just a little messier!

  2. Pros? Soft. Cons? Gross and messy! Glad it was no big deal though.

  3. Gah! Suzie fell the other day too - but she actually fell flat out :(

    Glad you both are ok.

  4. oops - glad you're ok! i had pretty much exactly this same fall at this same time of year with the same circumstances (minus the spook - horse just slipped) and yea... the sand in the pants is nooo fun :(

  5. We had a horse and rider pair have this same thing happen this weekend! It's mucky here too. Glad you at least had a soft landing and were able to get back on and ride! :)