Monday, April 13, 2015

The Anti-Blerghs

Last weekend was annoying - I got sick and had to ditch a lot of my plans. I didn't do any blogging, riding, or gyming and just felt kind of "blergh" all around. This weekend was the exact opposite.

Just a pony doin' a little beach dressage
First: it's finally spring. FINALLY. It was in the 50's and 60's all weekend and was gorgeous. And since I kicked my cold during the middle of last week I could actually enjoy it! On Saturday I went to the gym for the first time in a week and a half and went for a treadmill run while watching a little live stream XC from Ocala. It felt excellent to get back to the gym, though I was embarrassingly a little sore from it the next day. Since the weather was so nice, the husband and I also went out to a local park to play as much disc golf as we could without sinking into the soft ground. After, we went to Staples to get a new printer because the old one that I've had since college finally kicked the bucket and without a printer, how will I print show entry forms?! That's right, I've mailed my first show entry form! It's for a 2-Phase next Sunday and I actually mailed it after the closing deadline so I may or may not end up getting to go...we'll see!

Amazing. And what's even more amazing is the fact that it looks like the nice weather is here to stay!
The weather was even more beautiful on Sunday and in a fortunate turn of events, we got to take advantage of the gorgeous day to go to the beach. Normally, the beach closes to horses on March 31st, however, this year the management extended it to April 15th because the shorebirds that nest in the dunes have been delayed in their migration back (I wonder why?) That's good news to the horse community here though because it's a very rare thing that we get to enjoy the beach when it's not freezing cold! I wore a long sleeve shirt and a soft shell jacket and I was actually quite warm! My husband even came, so I loaded up him up with the camera!

Beach pedicure

There some video too, but I'm too tired to upload and edit that at the moment.

After we dropped the horses back off at the barn and tossed them hay we went out and got frozen yogurt for lunch (lunch of champions). When we came back to the barn I was so jazzed that it was warn enough to eat frozen yogurt outside that I decided it was also warm enough for Maggie's first bath of the year. She was not as excited as I was about it. 

BLINDING WHITE (or just overexposed picture)
I tried to get the winter's worth of yellow staining off her hocks to little avail. Let me know if you've got any tips...
I ended the day with heading over to my parent's house to take care of Billy and Zipper and topped it off with some takeout Bertucci's pizza and a cider. Ahhhh. I love spring time and what a relief it is for it to finally be here after the winter we've had. 


  1. Beach rides are the best :) So happy spring is here for us New England-ers!!

  2. those pictures are beautiful!! looks like an amazing time - and definitely a good way to make up for a lousy week :D

    1. Absolutely, it was just what I needed after last weekend/week!

  3. Replies
    1. Off-season horse beach patches are pretty much the only perk of winter!

  4. Oh my gosh. So much jealousy!! Great pictures-and sounds like the perfect weekend!

  5. What gorgeous photos! Looks like so much fun!!

  6. Sounds like an awesome weekend all around!