Monday, May 18, 2015

New 'Do

Thanks everyone for the input about Maggie's mane! This happened over the weekend:

No, I did not kill a skunk...I cut the mane! Here's the breakdown of the "votes" you all gave in my informal poll:
  • 12 short mane with button braids 
  • 3 long mane with a different type of braid
  • 1 neither: cobra/Dutch braids instead
Honestly, I think I was ready enough for the change so instead of messing around with different braiding styles again - I just went for it. I do love the look of those Dutch braids though, so maybe I'll still play around with that! If you have nothing better to do for the next two minutes and thirty-eight seconds, here's a time-lapse video:

I really don't like pulling manes - I just think it's sort of cruel - I wouldn't really want someone yanking my hair out by the roots, so I just used a comb and scissors. I combed sections down and then held the bottom and combed the hairs up like I was going to pull it, but then I used scissors to cut the hair in small strokes at a 45 degree angle. It worked pretty well! I actually think that I may need to go back and actually pull some of it though, as much as I don't ant to - the black part of her mane is apparently quite thick. I may have cut it a little on the short side too...but I'm really not sure.

I do think she looks like an adorable little sport pony and I can't wait to put it all up in braids and admire how freaking cute she is, but I'll admit to being a tiny bit said that her long flowing mane is gone...

We'll see if the short mane "grows" on me and I can always let the long mane grow back in if I want. I will say, it is already much easier to make look tidy with minimal grooming. In the meantime, I want to know everybody's braiding secrets!! GIVE ME YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Also, if you've got any tips for touching up her mane right now, lemme know! 

And stay tuned for more posts later this week about our lesson with a new trainer and our first hunter pace! 


  1. Love her new do!!! And considering you cut it instead of pulling I think it came out really cute! I'll have to remember that technique.

  2. She looks super cute with it short!

  3. She looks like such a fancy sport horse with it short!

  4. omg she looks adorable!! i love it!

  5. I hate pulling manes too. Not only do I feel like the biggest meanie on the planet, but I feel like it slices my index fingers. No such thing as too short. It'll grow. Faster than you want it to.

  6. 1. OMG Maggie looks great!! I love the new hairstyle :D
    2. Miles HATES pulling, so I only pull the spots that are especially thick. And when I do, I take very small sections and instead of ripping it out really quickly, I go slowly and after a few seconds of some pressure, the hairs "release". You might try that and see if it helps Maggie at all with the process?