Friday, May 1, 2015

Product Review: SleekEZ Grooming Blade

Here in the Northeast, we're thick in the middle of shedding season (see what I did there?) Having survived the winter, our horses now reward us by abandoning their long winter hairs and depositing them upon our pants, jackets, hands, face...just everywhere. The process of shedding is always seemingly endless, but I am always determined never to complain about it too much; spring is what I've been asking for all winter and shedding is just another part of spring. 

All the hairs. Everywhere.
Since I've owned my miniature horse, Zipper, for the past 13 years I have a vested interest in anything that could possibly make the shedding process quicker and easier. You can see why:

I'm pretty sure that every winter little Zipper grows just as much, if not more hair than a horse 3 times her size.

I had seen and been intrigued by the Furminator before, but at a price point upwards of $50 there was no way I was shelling out the money for it. However, just the other weekend I was perusing my local Dover Saddlery (because it's impossible to NOT go and peruse Dover if you're going to be up in the area anyway) and I was pleased and surprised to find these - the SleekEZ! It was a shedding tool that I had never seen before at at less than half the price of the Furminator I promptly purchased one and took it home to try that day. What makes it different from other shedding tools I've seen are the very small and slightly angled tines:

Closeup of the tines on the SleekEZ blade.
SleekEZ on the left, standard shedding blade on the right.
The SleekEZ comes in several different sizes, from cat to horse. The horse size is 10" long, but I opted to purchase the 5" size thinking that the smaller size would be easier to work with and would actually do a better job on a horse (since there is hardly a 10" long flat area anywhere on a horse).

The blade itself is very thin.
Quick Points:



  • It definitely works.
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to keep clean.


  • Makes my thumb cramp up when using it with one hand. Note: I had better results when I used two hands (while was very hard to do while taking pics/video). Having used it now, I can see how the 10" model would be easier to use on a horse.
  • Harder to reach under the belly than it is with a conventional shedding blade.


  • You have to press down fairly firmly to get the full effect of the blade, so if you have a thinned skinned thoroughbred they may not like it. Maggie thought it was a great massage though!

In Action:
When I first used the SleekEZ, Maggie had just been groomed with a shedding blade the day before. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the SleekEZ was still able to shed out a good amount of hair the next day. 

The day's haul. Not too bad.
After grooming Maggie with it, and getting out a decent amount of hair, I brought it to Zipper for a highly scientific test. 

Zipper says, "Bring it on!"
It worked just as well on Zipper as it did on Maggie, if not better, because perhaps there was simply more of Zipper's hair to get out.

I groomed Zipper's left side with her usual shedding blade and I groomed her right side with the SleekEZ. I got a larger pile of hair from the side that I used the SleekEZ on. 

Then I swapped sides and I groomed her left side with the SleekEZ (after I had already gone over it with the shedding blade) and I groomed her right side with the shedding blade (after going over it with the SleekEZ). I was able to get more "extra hair" out of her left side after grooming it with the SleekEZ than I did after re-grooming her with the shedding blade on her left. 

I also tried my best to get a little video of grooming both Maggie and Zipper, so you can really see it in action:

Finally, would I recommend it? YES. 

I won't be throwing away my shedding blade or my grooming stone, but the SleekEZ is definitely a keeper for my tool box. I think it worked very well for the most part and got more hair off than the shedding blade normally did. However the shedding blade does have it's advantages - it's easy to hold and can reach under the horse's belly better. Now, that I would REALLY like to see is a SleekEZ style blade with a shedding blade type handle. I think that would be a real winner!


  1. This is an EXCELLENT review. And really intrigues me! I splurged on a Furminator years ago because we had a Husky/Retriever mix who. But I don't know where it has walked off to. Nibbles isn't shedding horribly (this year/yet) but it would certainly be useful!

  2. Thank you for the in depth review! Love all the "tests" you did!

  3. awesome review - esp the comparison between the sleekez and a standard blade. definitely makes the difference clear. and omg - Zipper is SO FUZZY!!!!

  4. Great review! That photo showing the difference in blades was super helpful.

  5. Great review! I also love this product.

  6. I have a furminator for the dogs, but have never tried it on the horses. I've seen this product in stores before and passed it by, I'll have to give it a try!

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for this review! I've wanted to try one, but considering how thin-skinned and sensitive Miles is, I think I'll pass.