Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm Still Here

Consider this somewhat of a blog reboot, because I seriously fell off the blogging train for a little while. You may or may not have noticed. In fact, it’s been a month since my last post. So much for my 3-day a week posting schedule, but it's alright. I've spent the last few weeks doing most of the same things I always do (basically just working and riding, really) though without the added pressure to document everything and blog about it.

I'm honestly under no delusions that anyone out there is sitting at their computer waiting for my posts with baited breath (except maybe my dad, who sometimes prints a post out and mails it to my Grandma - Hi Grandma!) I'm a low-level adult amateur rider who just happens to have discovered that she enjoys writing and blogging. I enjoy it a lot actually. And there's nothing wrong with that.

A few weeks ago I needed a little respite from blogging so I decided not to post for a bit. On the one hand, the break from blogging has been nice; it has allowed me to relax in the evenings more, not feel quite so rushed all the time, and I have also had the time to do some normal-people things like, you know, clean the house a little.

But on the other hand, the complete cessation of blogging made me sad. I've really missed it. I love working on projects and towards goals. I am a person who thrives with a schedule, keeping myself busy, and working under pressure. It's how I function best and it's I just like doings projects, man; and blogging is a fun project for me. That's all. Also, my phone is backed up with tons of photos that have no where to go and that's sad!

Not only do I enjoy the processes of writing, designing, photo editing, and blogging in general, I also have really found that I enjoy the blogging community. It's a surprisingly supportive place - and I only say surprisingly because of everything that one tends to hear in the media about cyber-bullying - but that doesn't seem to be a problem in the slightest with the group of bloggers I follow. It's pretty darn cool. Despite not actively blogging myself I've still pretty much kept up with all y'all's blogs I regularly read just because I really enjoy reading them and hearing about everyone's journey!

Anyway, I want to start blogging again. I'll be doing it a little more on my own time though, I think, and I'll also be trying to focus more on positive things. With that said here's what I've been up to (in chronological order) since the last blog post:
  • Trucked out for our second jump lesson with New Trainer.
  • The frame of my truck broke so it is now retired from trailer-pulling :(
  • Competed in the Elementary division at the Groton House Farm Summer Classic. It was a tough but good event for us and getting there was half the battle considering the recently busted truck.
  • The husband and I started house shopping and in a whirlwind of events had an offer accepted 2 weeks later. We should close later this month!
  • I volunteered at the Groton House Farm HT which was my first time volunteering at a recognized event (I had only fence judged at schooling events prior to this - fortunately it wasn't too different!) I also stuck around in the afternoon to spectate and took loads of pictures.
  • Finally, I wrote an event summary about GHF HT which Eventing Nation published along with a few of my photos!
  • More Writing projects may be in the works ;)

I'll churn out a post each for most of these things, so stay tuned for that!


  1. Good to hear from you! Having taken a brief break myself lately, I agree on all points. I really did miss it. Congratulations on the house purchase, speaking of things that will suck your time away from blogging (ask me how I know) ;-)

    1. Thanks!! And yeah, I may go a little quiet again after closing. Though I don't think we'll be doing quite as much renovation as you...what a project - looking great though! Ours is from the 1950's instead of the 1890's ;)

  2. i've definitely missed your posts!!! but totally understand taking the step back to reassess and figure it all out. glad you're deciding to start up again. sure, our own stories might be just that - our own and that's it - but i really enjoy following along with other riders and reading about what they're working on, their struggles, their successes (can't wait to hear about the show!!!!), etc.

  3. Welcome back! I pass zero judgement as I tend to post in month increments *rolls eyes at self* But you're absolutely right - blogging is really helpful and fun so welcome back! Now to keep myself going... (especially while mare is at the trainer's)

  4. Missed you! Everyone needs a bit of a break now and then, it's NBD <3

  5. Just wanted to drop a run-by yell of THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING!!!! :D

  6. I hear you, I fell off the face of the Blogosphere for a couple of months earlier this year. I always end up missing it for the same reasons you described - it is fun and the horse blogger community truly is wonderful. I love your blog design!