Sunday, September 20, 2015

Course Preview: GHF Fall Classic 9/20/15

I'm putting this together this morning because I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep because it's show day! My ride times are pretty late: 1:30 for dressage and 2:06 for stadium followed by XC, so as I write this I don't even need to be at the barn for another hour.

My husband, Dan, joined me on this course walk so I'd like to introduce you all to Course Walks with Dan! Now I know nothing can really compare to the infamous Course Walks with Bobby, but we had fun running around and jumping all the things together.

So here we go with the Fall 2015 Elementary course:

The start is in the same place as it was for the Spring Classic. Again, not too far from the start flags and on a very slight uphill. 

This is where we ran into problems with the spring course since I wasn't able to get her in front of my leg in time and we garnered a refusal. As for the fence itself, it's the same log, but instead of scary pink flowers at the base it has lovely fall decor on either side. Maybe Maggie will find that more welcoming?

After fence 1 we proceed uphill to a gap in the fence, then downhill to fence 2 which will require us to swing to the right a bit in order to come at it straight.

After fence 2 we have to make a somewhat sharp left turn to fence 3. This could be difficult because we'll be facing the scoring booth and trailers as we go over fence 2, so I'll need to be sure that I'm looking to the left as we go over the fence.

Fence 3 itself is pretty straightforward. We jumped this going the other direction in the spring.

Dan likes to look at planes.
Then we proceed alongside the water complex and turn right to our next fence in the next field.

I'll need swing right immediately after coming through this opening in order to get to fence 4 straight.

Looking pensive at fence 4.
After fence 4 then we slop downhill for the next couple fences

And then, because we're actually 5 years old, we decided to play Monty Python.

Invisible coconuts.
Fence 6 is a straightforward coop still on the downhill

If I can do it, so can Maggie, right?
A wide left turn the brings us to fence 7 on flat ground. After this fence then we go into the woods for a nice long uphill.

I forgot to get a picture of the big long uphill because I got distracted by Dan jumping this enormous ditch over to the right. 

Holy crap.

We reach the top of the uphill and fence 8 sits behind that small tree and fence rails. We'll squeeze past the fence rail to the right in order to approach 8 head on.

We turn left after 8 and have plenty of room to approach fence 9, after which we pass through a gap in the fence bookended by the giant old Intermediate and Advanced tables.

After we go through the gap int he fence and enter the next field we'll go a little to the left to straighten out to fence 10.

Fence 10, the second to last fence, is probably the largest on this course. At the Spring Classic this fence was the last one and I thought it was really scary looking, but Maggie didn't even hesitate so I'm not really concerned about it this time.

And then the last fence with the finish flags just beyond it!

Not gonna lie, my stomach is all bubbly right now. I really want to put in a nice dressage test. I think stadium should be fine and then our biggest metaphorical hurdle will be getting over the first XC fence! Here we go!


  1. Looks like a fun course! Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. My stomach is bubbly and I'm glad it's you, not me. I liked fence 1. I could handle that. ;)

  3. My stomach is bubbly and I'm glad it's you, not me. I liked fence 1. I could handle that. ;)

  4. ahhhhh i hope you had a great time - can't wait to read about it! the course looks great (and the pics are hilarious lol), definitely some challenges in there but also potentially a really fun ride :D

  5. Hope it was amazing :) The course looks fun!