Thursday, October 29, 2015


You may notice that these pictures are not of me...or of Maggie...but I did take them!

This is my first year participating in 2Pointober! As a new blogger last year I didn't find out about it until it was too late to participate, but since then I've actually been looking forward to it! I like challenges.

I've been keeping track of my times simply in the Notes app of my phone: 

During the first half of the month I was still tack-walking Lizzy (with a tiny bit of trotting) so I figured instead of sitting up there like a lump, I may as well use the time to get my 2-point on.

I'm super pleased that I've been able to steadily increase my times throughout the month. When my trainer told me to get up in 2-point during our latest lessen, for once I thought 'I got this' instead of 'Oh God!'

I can hold the 2-point until my right ankle or calf cramps up to the point that I have to sit. It's interesting to me that it's always the right leg that feels the burn first - does that happen to anyone else? I'd be interested to know. I'm hypothesizing that it's because I'm right-leg-dominant (mostly) so maybe the muscles in that leg are perpetually tighter because I use them more? I really have no idea, but that sounds plausible to me.

Maggie and I are doing a hunter pace on Sunday, so I'll be giving her Saturday off to save her energy and I'll record my final time either this evening or tomorrow evening. My personal goal is to make it to 15 minutes!


  1. oooh exciting about the hunter pace!!! and yea i definitely have one side that gets tired / sore before the other. not sure how to fix that (or even if it can be fixed?)

  2. Very nice! I was a slacker this year and didn't participate.

  3. I think one side getting sore is probably more to do with your own balance, however, unconscious, than with the way you use your legs when you're sitting in the saddle. So maybe focus really hard on being even next time? It could also be that your leathers are stretched and one is a bit longer than the other.

  4. My left leg always gets stretch/burn first, and I know it's because I'm imbalanced in the saddle. I think that because I habitually weight the right side more my left leg has less "stamina" in the muscles, therefore struggling more when I two point. And that, evidently, is even more reason to 2 point more!!