Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Barn

If you've been really observant, you may have noticed a slight location change in the pictures in a few previous posts. This is because the first weekend of October I moved Maggie to a new barn.

And by new barn, I actually just mean the barn next door to our old one. The one I walk over to take dressage lessons at and rent the indoor in the winter. So in that sense it's not a huge change.

There is a mini-Maggie that lives just across the aisle from her stall!
In other ways though, it is a big change! I've left my friends at the other barn and am no longer part of the co-op arrangement there. Leaving my friends was the most difficult thing about deciding to move, but in the end I'm just next door; I can wave to them from the dressage ring, walk over there to head out on a weekend trail ride with them, and we can all still go to our favorite Mexican restaurant down the road on a whim (which we did last night). I think understand my logic, but regardless, we're all still pals and I'm super happy for that.

When I turn her out in the dressage ring she immediately goes over to this corner and watches the other (our old) barn. Perhaps I'm anthropomorphizing...but this makes me a little sad...does she miss her friends?

The reason I made the change is mainly for practicality and financial reasons. I want to keep Maggie in fairly regular work throughout the winter or at least get an early start to training after the holidays and the indoor necessary for that. My husband and I crunched the numbers and as a rough boarder at this barn I'll only be paying $60 more per month throughout the year and that will give me access to a huge sand dressage ring, a separate jump ring that always has a course set up in it, the indoor, and a small jump field out back. Plus, I'll be saving time since I now no longer have a paddock to muck and a water tub to scrub (hooray for auto-waterers!) which leaves me more time to spend at home with the husband. So really, the move just made sense.

"What am I doing in here?"
One big trade off with boarding at this barn, however, is there is a bit of a lack of turnout. Maggie is used to having a pretty decent sized 24/7 run-out at the other barn. Here, she gets put out in one of the rings a few times a day for a couple hours. I figure we'll see how it goes with the reduced turnout - I know it's not ideal, but so far she seems to be doing just fine. 

She does have a nice window in her stall to look out of and watch the cars go by!
It's nice to have some familiarity with the place already too since we already know the trainer. I'm looking forward to working more with her over the winter. Plus, this is actually the barn I started riding at when I was in high school! It actually feels a little surreal to have my own horse here now.


  1. Sounds like a good change! I love her cute little head poking out of the window.

  2. Looks like a cute barn. I like the window.

  3. Hope you guys are settling in well!

  4. You're going to love having unlimited access to those facilities this winter I'm sure! Plus the fact that there's a mini Maggie makes it all worth it.

  5. mini Maggie is so cute! seems like the change made a lot of sense :)

  6. I'm all for time saving. Especially if post-ride tacos with friends is still intact. Congrats!

  7. I'm all for time saving. Especially if post-ride tacos with friends is still intact. Congrats!