Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgivings of an Adult Amateur

I have lots to be thankful forLife with horses as a working adult amateur equestrian isn't the most streamlined at times, but it's also a blessing. I thought I'd take a moment to pinpoint a few things in particular that I'm especially thankful for this year:
Photo credit: Nature of Light Photography. Used with permission.

I'm thankful to I have a job that, though it doesn't involve horses, allows me to afford and have time for them.

I'm thankful that I get to participate in a sport that I love, and though I may never be at the top of it, I can still have fun and be successful

I'm thankful that I get to go see my horse after work, breathe in that barn-smell, and be in a place that instantly relaxes me.

And I'm thankful for the great barn that I board my horse at and that I have the option to skip stopping by if I'm just not feeling it that day, without having to worry if my horse is being well cared for. 

I'm thankful for my amazing friends who have helped me by being there and waiting for the vet when something was going wrong and I was stuck on the train coming home from work.

I'm thankful that I only had to make two after-hours calls to the vet this year, and that they even turned out to be reasonable bills - and one of them happened when freezing outside! (I know there's still time left in the year to add to this, ponies - don't get any funny ideas.)

Just some casual butt-stitching by headlamp.

I'm thankful for my questionable sanity in spending over one third of my income on a creature who essentially eats money and then poops it out, because it's ridiculous how happy that creature makes me.

I'm thankful for my husband's questionable sanity in allowing me to spend over a third of our income on this money-eating creature. (Let's be honest though, he doesn't really have a choice.)

Sometimes date nights are actually course walks.

I'm thankful that he accepts the fact that I spend more time with the horse than with him. (Which he doesn't really have a choice about either.)

And I'm thankful that even though he doesn't have a choice about the horse, he realizes how ridiculously happy it makes me and not only does he choose to stay married to me, he actively supports me and my crazy dreams.

Photo by Sophiea Bitel. Used with permission.

I'm thankful that years and years ago now, my parents (somewhat reluctantly at first) acquiesced my request for a pony.

I'm thankful that my parents didn't buy me the pony - they made me work for it and earn it myself.

And I'm thankful for that pony, who taught me almost everything I know about commitment, responsibility, and hard work. I'm thankful for those traits because they helped shaped who I am today - and I like who I am today. 

I'm thankful that horses weren't a phase - they still teach me patience and compassion everyday, and continue to help me become a better person. 

All in all, I'm thankful that I'm able to live this life doing something I love alongside people and animals I love.  

What are you thankful for?


  1. aw this is so sweet! esp the date night via course walk, adorable! i'm pretty grateful for my pony that eats money and poops happiness too :)

    1. Yes, pooping happiness - that's exactly it!!

  2. This is a beautiful post. I'm with you on most of these points. My parents let me work for my first horse too. It's shaped me into the person I am. I think I'm a good way. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Knight also!

  3. We don't celebrate thanks giving here in Australia, but these are all fantastic things to be thankful for. I am definitely thankful for a lot of the things you mentioned also! :)

  4. I am thankful for that PONY'S AMAZING BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It really is epic though....might need it's own post!

  5. Such a sweet post. I can totally relate to everything you said!