Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 Goals Review

I’m a little late in recapping these - so late, I feel, that I debated about wether or not it was worth it to do so. But upon second thought, I decided it was important to come back and take a look at these. After all, succeed or fail, what is it worth to set goals in the first place if you never look back at them?

Riding Goals:

1. Find a trainer in the area to take jumping lessons with. -YES!
A year ago I said, “This is is going to be paramount to all the rest of my goals this year, so I'm going to make this my number one priority for my riding goals.”  Even if I didn’t do anything else this year (which isn’t entirely true), in terms of my riding and equestrian pursuits this is probably the biggest and best change, so I’m really happy that I put myself out there and got myself in gear to get these lessons. 

My first lesson was in April and with the exception of August (right after house buying and knowing that we’d also need to buy a truck soon - i.e. not having a lot of extra cash this month) I’ve taken a lesson a month with this trainer. Obviously, I’d love to do more, but 1.) The lessons are expensive and it would be difficult to afford that; 2.) They’re slightly more difficult to schedule since we have to trailer out (about 30 mins away) and during the summer the trainer is often away at shows.

After our last show in September, I wasn’t planning on having any more lessons with her since finances are really tight after house and truck buying, but I was really grateful when she offered to have me do stalls at the farm about a weekend per month in exchange for lessons. That allowed me to keep lessoning through December.  

2. Keep up with lessons at least twice a month. - Half Credit
This was a win up until August when finances got trickier, and also with the exception of February when we got snowed out of the indoor. Otherwise, we did pretty good job by having two dressage lessons a month until we got started with the jumping trainer, and then one of each type of lesson a month.

3. Get more confident over fences and school XC more. - Somewhat…
I think I got out and legitimately XC schooled once over the summer, but I also had my first ever XC lesson in September with the jump trainer and that was awesome. Otherwise though, I went on a few trail rides during which we jumped a few small fences (and exponentially more trail rides where we didn’t jump) and also went on two hunter paces where I did some of the lower optional fences…so that sort of counts?

Overall, I’d say I do feel more confident at our current height (2’3”), but definitely haven’t gained any confidence over anything bigger which is a little disappointing, but it is what it is and it’s something we need to take our time about.

4. Stay relaxed in dressage. - YES!
We’re pretty darn good on this one. So good in fact that it’s actually a little bit of a problem, because when Maggie gets relaxed she loses forwardness and impulsion. The next step is to stay relaxed while still having impulsion!

5. Show at the Beginner Novice level. - Nope.
Didn’t happen. Maybe this year, but maybe not. We’re just going to have to see how it goes. More on this in another post.

Blog Goals:

1. Keep up with posting. - Half Credit Again?
Much like every other goal it seems, this took a hit in the latter part of the year also. I nearly stopped blogging in June, did 2 or 3 posts in July and August, then picked it back up a little more steadily in September, but nowhere near the level I had been at originally. 

2. Participate in blog hops. - Nope.
Still couldn’t jump on the bandwagon for some reason, and realized I don’t actually have much desire to. Dunno. 

3. Get a sponsored raffle/product review. - Technically Yes.
I did a product review of the Scratch N’ All Grooming Block which included a special offer, but nothing else. I’d still like to aim to do more in the future.

Personal Goals:

1. Stay active outside of riding. - Half Credit…Again.
For what seems like the umpteenth time, this was also a win until August and then not so much. I was super good about gyming it up for the first half of the year and once the weather got nice I went on runs outside with some frequency until we moved. I even did my first ever 5k and mountain bike race in the spring! I mentioned the I wanted to do more outdoorsy things with my husband, and we did do some hiking and kayaking, but not much. After moving things got busy, it got dark and cold out, and I didn’t renew my gym membership for financial reasons. I feel a whole lot less fit now than I did at the beginning of the summer. I need to figure out something to get me moving more until it warms up again to run outside (I’ve had asthma since I was 8 and not much bothers it anymore EXCEPT cold air so I can’t run when it’s colder than about 45 degrees out.)

2. Pay off Maggie's surgery. - Ehhh…
Uhhh…Well I did at least previously acknowledge that this was not going to be a one year goal. I can’t say with any certainly that I made much progress on this, but it didn’t get much worse either. Now that Christmas is over I need to initiate a true spending freeze on this credit card. 


Overall the year seems like sort of a wash in regards to these goals, but it seems appropriate to reiterate what I said in my 2015 in Review post: "I think everything that has happened this year has put us in a better place in life, in my riding, and in this blog, which will hopefully set us up to be more successful next year." Looking back at these goals, I still agree with that statement. 

Again I think the biggest achievement was finding a jumping trainer and lessoning with her. I knew  off the bat that that would be the biggest thing, which is why I made it my priority. Now that I'm on the right path with her, I think we're going to be in much better shape for whatever 2016 holds!

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  1. from the perspective of a reader, your year doesn't seem like a wash at all - esp with all the big life changes that went down. that's kinda the problem with goals tho, since they don't always reflect the big awesome things we did that we didn't know we would do... lol. seriously tho, finding a training program that works for you and building confidence are such critical components to all the rest of it anyway, nice job!!!

    1. Well that's good to hear! Yeah, I'm still working on goals for 2016, but I'm thinking that for this year something different than specific point-by-point goals might be better. Though I certainly hope that no more big life changes are in order in the near future, now that the house and be car are settled! And yes, finding a good program has just been everything to me this year!

  2. I think you rocked 2015 pretty good!