Monday, January 18, 2016

Interviewing Avery Klunick

Last week I got to interview young 3* rider, Avery Klunick, for an Eventing Nation piece profiling riders that made the Eventing 25 Training List. When Jenni from EN asked if I wanted to cover Avery for the series I was psyched because I remembered watching a video of her now infamous save at the AECs last year. Clearly, this girl has tenacity!

Avery Klunick eventing nation
Screenshot via Eventng Nation
When I talked to Avery, she was on the road trailering from Aiken to Ocala for the training session and had only just trailered from Texas to Aiken the week before. I titled the article, "Avery Klunick Goes With the Flow" because of the down-to-earth and easy-going vibe I got from her; she really seems like a genuinely humble, nice, and fun person.

One thing that I wanted to further elaborate on was how dedicated Avery was to balancing school with riding. When she was talking to me about her 2nd place finish at Chattahoochee last spring she mentioned to me that she has a intensive summer course going on at the same time so she drove all night from Texas to Georgia; arriving on the show grounds at 3 AM, showed over the weekend, and then drove back in time for class on Monday morning. Holy smokes.

I asked her if she had any tips for balancing riding with school and she laughed and said, "I could write a book!" before continuing, "My biggest thing is believing that anything is possible. It's sad to me that a lot of people don't even try because they don't think its possible. You have to be able to make sacrifices and miss a few parties, but I think it's important to have goals as something to work towards." She paused, and then added: "And all that motivational stuff, blah, blah!"

Thanks, Avery, for taking the time to talk with me! Cheers to you and best wishes for the 2016 season and onward!

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