Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Project Reveal and Contest Announcement!

In a recent post, "How 2015 Has Changed My Blog...and What's to Come in 2016" I talked about all of the cool opportunities to branch out in my writing during 2015 and I mentioned that I've set up hosting a domain for a new website that this blog will be incorporated into. Well... it's almost ready! 

I'm pleased to introduce:

The domain is and it's currently in maintenance mode, so if you go there you won't find much at the moment. I'll assure you though, I'm hustling to get it all set in time for my planned release date of Monday, February 1st

You might be wondering, "Why the name change?" The answer to this is that I wanted something less specific as I expand the blog a little. I'll still be posting all the same stuff about my adventures with Maggie, so The Maggie Memoirs will live on in that way, but I'll be adding some posts about other horse-related topics too.  

I chose "Zippy Horse" as homage to my mini, Zipper. 

I spend the most of my time and energy with Maggie now for sure, but Zipper will always have a very special place of her own in my heart - she's the one that started me on this whole equestrian path initially, so I feel like anything I do within my equestrian pursuits circles back to her somehow. Sort of meta for a mini horse, but that's how I feel! 

Anyway, here's a little screen shot sneak peak of the new site:

I've still got a few kinks to work out, things to update, and tweaking of the layout I want to do, but that's the general look of it! In my opinion there is one big piece still missing, however. A logo. And that is where  you, dear readers, come in to play...

Drum roll please...

Zippy Horse Media Logo Design Contest!

Yes, I whipped up a quick text-only logo (the first image on this post), but I would really like something more pictorial and I don't have the graphic design expertise or the time to whip one up myself. Plus, and I'll be honest, I don't really know what exactly I want so I really want to see some different options!

The winning design will be rewarded with a $50 e-gift certificate to their choice of one of the following stores:

If entries warrant, I'll try to figure out something for 2nd and 3rd place also!

As I mentioned, I don't really know exactly what I want so I'm super open to different things, but here are a few guidelines/thoughts:

  • Should relate to horses somehow. (I hope that's obvious?)
  • You don't have to incorporate the quickie text logo that I made, but feel free to if you like. If you want to use the same font it's "Shadows Into Light"
  • If you want to use the same shade of teal that's prominent in the website it's "66c9be". You certainly don't have to, though! The logo doesn't even have to be in color! I do prefer blues and greens, however, if it is. 
  • I tend to prefer designs that are somewhat simplistic/streamline. Dunno, just do.
  • Do you have multiple ideas? Submit as many logos as you want!
  • By submitting a logo you are agreeing that I can use it on the website/blog, social media, and perhaps even some merchandise if the mood ever strikes me to get some made someday. 

The submission deadline is Friday, January 29th at midnight. Email submissions to with the subject line 'Logo Design Contest'. The winner will be announced Monday, February 1st when goes live.

Get creative! Tell your horse-loving graphic designing friends! And good luck! 


  1. Woooo! Will be entering! This is awesome for you :)

    1. Yay yay yay! You are a super talented artist!

  2. Congrats on the exciting new venture!

    1. Thank you!!! (And I hope you enter cause j know you're super talented too!!)

  3. Congrats! This is super exciting!

  4. Exciting! Logo sounds like a fun little project!

  5. Looks like I'm finding out about your blog in time for a move? lol