Monday, January 25, 2016

What Is It About January?

I sincerely hope that everyone all down the east coast who weathered the storm has stayed safe and warm! As someone who has way too much experience with Snowpocalypses (Snowpocalyi?), I put together a little advice on blizzard survival for you all. I feel your pain, but man, I'm really glad it didn't make it up my way.

Just a little ear dusting here.
January isn't over yet though. Our first blizzard last year happened on January 27th so I feel like everyone around here is still holding their breath and waiting to see if we'll get hammered again. I sincerely hope not, but if it happens it happens. I've become resigned about the weather.

In other news, poor little Zipper had a colic episode this weekend! At 18 years old now and having never had even the slightest inkling of colic before I figured her guts were as solid as Old Ironsides. I guess with horses there are never any guarantees like that though! I should know better.

Saturday morning my mom texted me that Zipper hadn't eaten her hay overnight and that she wasn't touching it this morning either. Let me put this in perspective for you: the last time Zipper went off her feed was when she dislocated her hip.

So I called the vet.

He determined that she was most likely having an impaction colic, though he couldn't actually confirm it via rectal palpation (Male veterinarian with large hands + Miniature Horse rectum = Nope), but we figured we'd treat it as such. Zipper got tubed, got some banamine, and got shut in her stall for the rest of the day so we could easily check for poops. 

"You expect me to eat this?"
Fairly soon after she woke up from sedation (tiny pony was NOT happy about getting a nasogastric tube - you would not believe how high a tiny horse with only one hip joint can rear) she was pretty bright, alert, vocal about being hungry, and generally acting pretty normal. We got the OK to give her a nice mash that evening which she slurped down, but since then has pretty much just turned up her nose at it - she wants REAL food, darn it, none of that mushy stuff. 

Billy: "What you got there??"
As of this morning, she has made some lovely little piles of mini poo and is acting her normal self so she's getting little bits of regular hay and we'll continue trying to bribe her into eating a mash (maybe with some crushed peppermint in it?) and drinking more water.

Now, you might recall that Maggie had an impaction colic around this same time year. What is about January? Ugh. Never mind, don't answer that actually...I know it's all about water intake. Perhaps the question should be, why is this all of a sudden a problem for me and my horses? Neither had seemed to be drinking any less and neither has a problem with water buckets freezing (Maggie had a tank heater and Zipper has bucket cozies - the bucket cozies combined with the relatively mild temperatures means we really haven't had a problem with bucket freezing yet this winter).

For Zipper the only other change this year that I can think of (actually my mom thought of this!) is that she's on a little bit of hay stretcher. It's pretty dry stuff, but it doesn't expand very much when you add water to it (not akin to beet pulp). perhaps that has something to do with it or perhaps not. Either way, I hope this doesn't become a trend more than it already has!

And don't forget: the deadline to submit a logo for Zippy Horse Media is this Friday at Midnight!


  1. Its the damn weather!! I swear, its messes with the horses. Glad the cute nugget is OK!

    1. Stupid weather screws everything up! Thank you! I'm very glad too :)

  2. Happy to hear it got resolved so quickly!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad it's been a quick/easy one so far too

  3. Hi Abby :) New reader here. Billy and Zipper are too cute!! I'm glad she's feeling better.

  4. Glad Zipper is ok!! This weather is garbage...

  5. Happy that she's feeling better!

  6. No! I'm so glad she's doing better. :(

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